Hi I'm new!

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Hi I'm new!

#1 Post by annamariefranco »

Hi everybody! I'm new to here. I just got my braces put on a little more than a month ago and I'm having a love/hate relationship. I didn't think my teeth were moving at all until I did a side by side comparison and I wanted to share it with everybody. :D :jump:
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Re: Hi I'm new!

#2 Post by braceasaurus »

Hello annamarie, I'm new as well! Nice to have you on the forum. I can't see your photos unfortunately (need to post a bit more before I can) but it's awesome you've been taking photos. It's so much more encouraging when you can see the progress side by side!

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Re: Hi I'm new!

#3 Post by friendlyturtle »

Wow you've had great results! I'm tempted to take pictures of my progress as well but I just can't find the tiny bit of spare time for it. Hopefully your future progress is as fast as you're current progress!

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Re: Hi I'm new!

#4 Post by SingleJawMelb »

Oh look you still have the blue spots from when they put on the braces, the picture must be fresh :)

One month is nothing in braces world, espically with over crowding. Takes time.

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Re: Hi I'm new!

#5 Post by JanineJanine »

Hi Annamarie!

I'm new too so I can't see your photos but I'm pleased you are seeing progress after just one month. I hope you are adjusting well to life with braces.

I'm just recovering from extractions and hopefully having my braces fitted on 22nd November.

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Re: Hi I'm new!

#6 Post by Bracingmyself901 »

Also new! Congrats on the visible progress. The end of this week will be a month for me.

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Re: Hi I'm new!

#7 Post by Marchi31 »

I wish I could see your pics..:-( hopefully in a few posts I ll b able to! Almost 2 months in braces on the 9th of this month, woooo!

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