Open bite correction

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Open bite correction

#1 Post by jeffhere »

Hey folks,
My name is Jeff. I'm 23 years old, and I have been suffering with a anterior open bite for quite a number of years now. I first obtained an orthodontic consultation at the age of (17?). Of course at this point in time, I had pictures taken, xrays, etc. My open bite was much worse at this point. Only my very two back molars were touching at this time, and I had impacted wisdom teeth. Since then, my wisdom teeth were extracted, and my bite has closed seemingly on its own from (likely 5mm or more? to 2mm or less.)

I have seen five different orthodontists for consultations. The first orthodontist I have seen, was recommended by my dentist. Six years ago he recommended surgery (when my bite was worse than it is now,) and today he continues to recommend surgery. No other orthodontist, of the five i have seen, have recommended I have surgery. One (1) of the other orthodontists recommended mild speech therapy.

Permanency of the bite correction is my primary concern. Second to this is monetary cost. I would have had braces put on much sooner, but I cannot seem to decide what is the best course of action. On the one hand, I would like to go with the surgical route because this open bite bothers me to such a large extent, and I would never want a recurrence. On the other hand, if I can have a reasonably permanent closure of the bite without surgery, this would save me much pain and money.

I am hoping that you folks can provide me some wisdom on what might be the best course of action. Again, I am puzzled by the fact that this one orthodontist is so sure I should have surgery, despite four others not recommending it. Cheers.

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Re: Open bite correction

#2 Post by mmkay »

What surgical movements does that orthodontist think is necessary?

There's plenty of threads about this subject, here's a recent one: ... 13&t=50877

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