Wearing a nance(?) and not able to enjoy food

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Wearing a nance(?) and not able to enjoy food

#1 Post by CranberryJuice »

Hi Everyone,

So yesterday I came in for my second tightening. Last month was my first time wearing braces. When I came in yesterday I was in for a rude surprise. I did know that the spacers I had for over a month was used as a placeholder to put the molar bands in and expected only the bands, maybe a few more brackets and a tightening. No, that didn't happen. They put something on the roof of my mouth, after research, it looks like a nance (when I asked the practitioner questions as to why I need the appliance and what it's called. They got sassy and called it an 'ossi' or something).

I see evidence that speech will only be affected for a few days, and there is some drooling/overproduction of saliva (foaming of the mouth, I call it). What I want to know is about the eating. I don't have any pain from my tightening but when I tried to eat it's been extremely awkward and therefore hard for me to eat since there is a plastic piece resting on the roof of my mouth. I also almost feel like I'll choke on my food. The metal that loops U from the nance also gets in the way of my tongue (more on the right hand side than the left of my mouth) which means my tongue is feeling a little irritated, especially when eating.

I want to know is there a way around eating and living my life as normal with this thing in my mouth or will I have to suffer for the remaining time of my treatment as I struggle to eat food and/or choke on my food?

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Re: Wearing a nance(?) and not able to enjoy food

#2 Post by smashingceramicdodos »

Hi CranberryJuice,
I was told I might need to get a block(?) built up behind my top arch to stop me damaging my teeth as the braces move my bite. It sounds uncomfortable!
I'll let you know if I get any more info at my next appointment - I'll make sure to ask if there's any way to reduce it's annoyance. Let me know if you find workarounds in the meantime - I guess I'll need them soon enough! Hope it has improved for you :)

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Re: Wearing a nance(?) and not able to enjoy food

#3 Post by friendlyturtle »

I have a nance holding my last molars back. The first few weeks were the most troublesome, I had no idea how to deal with this bubble of acryllic on the roof of my mouth, it felt massive! Eventually I just started trying to eat normally, and fast forward three months I barely even notice it! The only time I am reminded of the appliance is when I move my tongue to the roof of my mouth. Suprisingly, not a lot of food gets stuck up there.

Hang in there, it only gets better! :)

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Re: Wearing a nance(?) and not able to enjoy food

#4 Post by passport »

I had one of those when I was in high school. It felt bizarre but I almost got used to it. Despite my diligence in brushing my teeth, it was incredibly stinky when the took it off some time later. If I had known, I would have used some kind of mouthwash or something to get under the plastic and keep it cleaner.

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