Is orthodontic treatment quicker for the second time?

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Is orthodontic treatment quicker for the second time?

#1 Post by xenon »

Had the conventional metal braces when I was around 10-11, didn't wear the retainers so teeth relapsed...currently having the Ice Inspire (Sapphire) clear ceramic braces and even after two days there seems to have been considerable movement.

I guess it makes sense that teeth would be more mobile if they have been moved before - so is treatment time usually a little quicker if one has had braces before?

I've also been chewing sugar free xylitol chewing gum which some orthodontists say speeds up time of movement due to increased blood flow to the head and teeth.


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Re: Is orthodontic treatment quicker for the second time?

#2 Post by oldfart »

From what I heard it is now. As it takes teeth longer to move as an adult than as a kid. But hard to say for sure.
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Re: Is orthodontic treatment quicker for the second time?

#3 Post by verso »

There's probably less work to be done, but whether that amounts to shorter treatment time or not I don't know. I imagine the teeth are no more or less pliable the second time around than the first, provided enough time has elapsed, but again, I don't know. I'm just guessing here.

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Re: Is orthodontic treatment quicker for the second time?

#4 Post by sneed1o1 »

I agree with verso. From my own experience, I had to have braces 18 months the first time around and 10 months this time around. It's been about 5 years between the orthodontia. My teeth seem to be moving faster, too. I've noticed significant movement in 1 month :thumbsup: Only time will tell!

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Re: Is orthodontic treatment quicker for the second time?

#5 Post by Seasaltmind »

Well, I wore my braces for about three years previously. I'm in braces again and I'm said to wear them for two years but that's what I was told when i first began braces before this second time. I don't know whats going to happen. I mean, I thought I'd be wearing them less than two years, but I was wrong.

I think my teeth are moving quickly though and maybe my orthodontist will see that and the time won't be that long.

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