First post braces meal

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Re: First post braces meal

#16 Post by defiate »

I've only had mine on for a week and I'm already looking forward to so many things.

I'm a carb addict. I had subway at least three times a week, had bagels for breakfast every day, and always looked forward to my dad's burger night. But, now thinking about these things frustrates me so much!! I just want a sandwich, is that so much to ask for?

I also can't wait for popcorn & my favorite candies. Yorks, jolly ranchers, you name it. I miss it.

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Re: First post braces meal

#17 Post by jaime »

MissEvaH wrote:Not really a meal, but I'm going to have a huge bag of movie theater popcorn!
That's exactly my plan! There's a movie theatre across from my orthodontist. I'm marching straight in there and buying a bucket! It might end up costing me like $12 but it'll be worth it.
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Re: First post braces meal

#18 Post by megz0501 »

There's so many things I want!!! Popcorn, candy, doritos, chips and salsa, STEAK, eating a sandwich like a regular person or a taco without looking like a fool!

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Re: First post braces meal

#19 Post by RachF »

I have been eating lots of things that I shouldn't have been but I am looking forward to eating things without a knife and fork! Pizza, I am just going to tear right into it! Sandwiches, no more ripping bits off and popping them into my mouth.

I will go to town on sweets and popcorn and doritos and all those things!

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Re: First post braces meal

#20 Post by verso »

^ Pizza! My God, yes! Pizza is meant to be eaten with the hands! This fork and knife business is ridiculous

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Re: First post braces meal

#21 Post by Catpotat »

I look forward to:
Flossing freely
Being able to close my lips without forcing them closed
Putting on bright red lipstick
Chewing gum

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