Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

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Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

#1 Post by shanlola »

Hi guys I am currently 6 months into an 18 months sentance of wearing braces! I've seen lots of changes so far and I am generally happy with my progress, however I guess I am slightly unhappy with the service I recieve when visiting my orthodontist for tightenings. During my apointments my ortho seems to want to just do his job and then quickly whisk me on my way, I feel like I don't know a lot about what to expect I'm terms of seeing changes to my teeth after each visit and whilst I do trust that my ortho knows what he is doing I find it very hard to ask what is going on with my teeth at my appointments as he seems to act as though I am questioning his ability to create a good result for me (definitely not the case!). I would like to get much more involved in my treatment and I would love to know what stage I am at, what each tightening hopes to achieve and what the final result could look like.

I guess I am asking you guys is what you talk to your ortho about and how you go about asking such questions, I'm hoping I can get some good questions together ready for my appointment this coming Thursday, hopefully he will be happy to answer them and so put my mind at eas. Thanks in advance! Shannon

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Re: Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

#2 Post by oldfart »

Email a list in a few days prior to your treatment. That way they have time to review them and it doesn't prevent them from working on other patients.
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Re: Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

#3 Post by Beckett »

Phrase questions in a way that your asking what a particular treatment is going to accomplish, not "why are you doing that?" The second sounds more like you're challenging his abilities, the first is more of a teaching moment. "Tell me what this does to me".

I don't know, maybe you already do that and your ortho just has a less than stellar bedside manner. I ask the techs a lot of my questions too because they know a fair amount about what tieing a lig a certain way is for, or what elastics in a particular formation is supposed to change.

Also? Tell him what you told us, that you'd like to be involved in your treatment and know what stages you are at. I've had tons of expertise asking what's going on in my kids' mouths, but when I get in the chair it's like my mind draws a blank and I forget!

One thing I never ask is how long a particular doo dad is going to be needed, like a power chain or heavy elastics. Or the spring in my son's mouth right now. Or how long a space will take to close, how long before my canines are in the right place, etc. It all depends on how well my teeth respond and how high my compliance is (for elastics). It's like asking an OB when your baby will be born. They can give you a ball park, but not a definitive time.
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Re: Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

#4 Post by NeilH »

A relationship with the staff can take a while to build, it shouldn't but that's another topic. As others have suggested, think about framing the questions and maybe submitting them in advance. In the UK, there is a requirement for consent during treatment, not just at the beginning, so unless you know what is going on, how can you freely give your informed consent to the treatment being offered? Maybe guidelines where you are is different but it might be worth finding out. I personally found the ortho staff a really great source of information and developing a super relationship with them is another way to get your questions answered.

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Re: Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

#5 Post by Ziggy »

I usually ask him, "How are we doing?" That usually gives me all the answers I need.

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Re: Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

#6 Post by Jupiterxo »

I also have a hard time asking questions since he's always zooming in and out. But youve got to remember, you're paying a whole lot of money for this so if you do have a question, do t be afraid to ask. Even if mine walks away, I'll call him back to answer me and he's always happy to.
I usually ask things like what his plan is and how much longer I have ;)

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Re: Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

#7 Post by megz0501 »

Luckily my orthodontist always takes a minute to tell me what he's doing. He always asks if I have questions. And ofcourse I always do. He is very polite. You could always ask the dental hygenists too. I have asked my if I'm making good progress and what not, or they will write down questions to ask him.

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Re: Wwhat questions do YOU usually ask your ortho?

#8 Post by RachF »

I usually ask what are we doing today. My orthodontist is lovely but doesn't offer up information freely and is reluctant to give even approximate timings. He is working wonders with my mouth though so I will forgive him anything!

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