After 3 months with braces I decided to stop my treatment

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Re: After 3 months with braces I decided to stop my treatment

#16 Post by HummerMan3 »

In the end, whatever you decide to do will be the correct decision for your situation. However, I'd also like to voice my support to try hard to "stick it out" a bit longer. In the pictures you've shared on this site, I see a smile with a great amount of potential. Having been braced just 3 weeks ago, I can say that I've had significant concerns from the get-go relating to how my tongue spurs interfered with eating and talking. I was on vacation the first few days after getting them, and I got ribbed more than a few times by my friends when trying to talk, not to mention not being able to partake in some of the elaborate meals I had created for everybody. I was very frustrated, to say the least. Only in the last week or so have I really started getting comfortable with the spurs. As a result, I've been getting more daring in the foods I eat, and I've already broken off two brackets as a result ... more frustration! I am certainly not thrilled by the prospect of going through another 17.5 months of this. But when I get to feeling less than excited about the mess I put myself in, I stare at my teeth in the mirror for a good long while and focus on the open bite & everything else that drove me to getting braces in the first place. It helps to put everything into perspective.
Braces will never be "glamorous" or "sexy", but we did this to ourselves for a reason! Give it a couple weeks, sleep on it, and come to Archwired for support. Hope everything works out for the best for you!

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Re: After 3 months with braces I decided to stop my treatment

#17 Post by LisainTX »

Jasv, I hope you feel better about it in 3 weeks and keep them on.
I'd still get more opinions from orthodontic professionals. You have the right to have answers and assurance -especially with what we pay for braces.
Have you considered posting a before and after pic here for opinions? Like they say-crop your eyes and top of your head off -or whatever you have to do to keep top-secret identity....but perhaps some folks here could offer their opinions and/or even share some items too.
I know for a fact that my face is changing shape. I've got things sticking out of my gums -like bumps- but I know it is temporary because my teeth are moving. I read here somewhere that your teeth are constantly actually slowly breaking and moving -then reforming attachment. Lots of stuff is going on at once. But in the'll be awesomeness! :)

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Re: After 3 months with braces I decided to stop my treatment

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I agree that you should post pictures and hold off removing them just yet. My braces changed my shape, too (along with jaw surgery), and I'm told frequently how much better I look post surgery and braces than pre.

I'll post my pics to give you an idea: first is before and second is after. My cheeks are fuller now and while overall my face looks chubbier, I believe I look better now. Give the braces a chance to work their magic!
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