Help me!!!! Questions on my treatment

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Help me!!!! Questions on my treatment

#1 Post by Shane226 »

Okay so I've had braces forrr 14 months and I'm supposed to have them on for 18 so I have like 4 months left and I told my mom that and she was like "no you don't" and I'm like "bruh yes i do it said on the contract" then she said "but your teeth are still crooked" so I found out I'm supposed to get my wires tightened but I don't get them tightened or changed they just take the ligatures out and put in different ones, give me more bands, and send me on my way. So I'm super mad like we've been paying got all testy because we had a couple late charges but you haven't even been doing your job. At that place they schedule your appointment the same time and date as everyone else. THEN....they're ratchet like while the lady was doing my mouth they were talking about unnecessary stuff like if you don't put my bracket on I'm just sitting there like the glue is drying up put it on. It literally took them 3 months to put my bracket on. Then all they do is gossip about everyone. Over the course of these 14 months there should've been some sort of change in my teeth but there really isn't so basically I've been walking around with metal in my mouth not helping nothing, wires poking me in my cheeks, not being able to eat all the good stuff, and all that for no reason.

I wanna know.....can I change places because they're not doing their job and it's aggravating me. My mom says if i want to change place thenn she'll have to pay off the rest of the money and I'm like why they're not even doing their job. So how can I change places without having to pay it off. I was thinking we just tell them we're moving to a different area andddd yeahhh we do that but meh I don't know if my mom would try that

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Re: Help me!!!! Questions on my treatment

#2 Post by djspeece »

Read the contract that (I assume) your mother signed with the orthodontist. It will address the issue of terminating treatment, etc.

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Re: Help me!!!! Questions on my treatment

#3 Post by jaime »

Your mom needs to talk to them about your treatment plan and see what's going on. Make sure she speaks to the orthodontist directly.

By the way, I've had braces since May 2014 and I haven't had a new wire since maybe March 2015? So if you haven't gotten a new wire, it may for good reasons. It sounds like some good two-way communication is needed here between you/your mom and the orthodontist. All of this might be cleared up with a conversation.

Moving to a new place (or lying about it) doesn't clear you of having to pay your contract. If your mom talks to the orthodontist and it turns out they really aren't doing their job, she may be able to request terminating the contract then and they MIGHT be able to work out something with any unpaid money. But until then, it sounds like you're just annoyed and speculating about what's going on.
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Re: Help me!!!! Questions on my treatment

#4 Post by metalliKa »

The time your ortho gave you is just an may or may not finish by that estimated time. Not all wires are changed at each adjustment. In my 14 months in braces, I probably have no more than five wire changes.

Don't worry too much about getting your braces off. I'd suggest you put more effort in working with the ortho in getting the smile that you are paying for.

Good luck!
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