Braces off today - looking good feeling weird

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Braces off today - looking good feeling weird

#1 Post by KayKay »

I got my braces off today after I started treatment almost 2 years ago and had braces put on 1.5 years ago.

My teeth look ok - although the arch is a bit disturbing to me - seems severe compared to what I had before and now I can feel my front upper teeth rub against my inner upper lip - making me feel like I have buck teeth although I don't. But the illusion to me is disconcerting.

Add to that - my bite is odd - I have contact on both sides from the back of my mouth all the way to the canines AND even my lower front teeth touch the back of my upper front teeth.

Is it because my original teeth didn't touch much (although looked "ok") and now they are in the right position OR is this NOT ok - and I need an adjustment?

I go back for a bit more polishing and shaping on Tuesday and to pick up my retainer.

Thanks in advance!
Looking forward to the new smile,



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Re: Braces off today - looking good feeling weird

#2 Post by lmk »

Well, from what you are describing your bite sounds right. All molars should touch and the front teeth should also touch lightly. ( bottom teeth behind upper teeth ). And with your front teeth rubbing against your lip, maybe it feels strange without the brackets?

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Re: Braces off today - looking good feeling weird

#3 Post by Tyrantblade »

Congratulations, im about halfway through my treatment, still (roughly) a year (hopefully not much longer) left to go
Lots of crimes here

1. The upper molars bite too far ahead of the lower molars

2. Missing teeth #s 9, 14, and, 29

3. Open bite

4. Upper midline left of center

5. Lower midline right of center

6. Upper and lower teeth not straight

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