Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

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Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

#1 Post by megz0501 »

Braces on for 4 months. During my consultation, I remember my orthodontist drawing a triangle..I cant remember what 2 of the sides were but the one was that getting straight teeth was just a perk of braces. Does that mean he will still straighten my teeth? I know i sound crazy but I'm paying a lot of money for these teeth and want to be sure he is straightening them too. I'm paranoid that when I get my braces removed I'll have worse teeth than I did when I started! I told him my reason for wanting braces was just for straighter teeth.

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Re: Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

#2 Post by jfriend33 »

I assume the other two were to do with longer lasting teeth, better dental health, less chance of dental problems, etc??? Yes, your teeth will be straight, do not let them take your braces off until you are satisfied.

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Re: Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

#3 Post by djspeece »

Sometimes the teeth won't perfectly touch side to side because of the shape of the tooth. I have a couple that are wider at the top than at the gumline, and although they are straight, there is a small "black triangle" at the gumline between them. My dentist can bond them, I suppose, to cover it up but it really doesn't bother me. The ortho referred to it as a "Shape mismatch, I think.

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Re: Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

#4 Post by jaime »

I've never heard of anyone getting their braces off and their teeth weren't straight.
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Re: Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

#5 Post by Tyrantblade »

Of course, just make sure you express your concerns to your orthodontist and don't have them removed if you arent satisfied at the end of your treatment.
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Re: Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

#6 Post by Sideways »

I suppose depending on the severity of the case (and whether or not you have any underlying jaw misalignment and/or missing teeth), there's a chance that they won't be perfectly straight, but they'll certainly be straighter than when you started out.

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Re: Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

#7 Post by BettyWhyte »

This is my concern as well. Especially since I've just begun. But I trust that my ortho knows what's she's doing and takes pride in her work.

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Re: Will I for sure end up with straight teeth?

#8 Post by metalliKa »

Yes, you will! Have a little faith in your orthodontist and yourself. You won't come out with perfect pearly whites like those you see on the toothpaste ads, because those are enhanced either digitally or they're veneers, but your teeth will be straight.

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