So stinking happy with my progress!

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So stinking happy with my progress!

#1 Post by stellarxoxo »

Just 9 short weeks ago I was braced. I just hAve to share my progreys! So incredibly happy with my results so far. Dont mind the up the nose shot!

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Re: So stinking happy with my progress!

#2 Post by mmkay »

Wow. Now you've had your initial gains, settle in for the long hall ;)

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Re: So stinking happy with my progress!

#3 Post by Tyrantblade »

Enjoy the progress while it seems fast, eventually things will seem to slow to a halt (things still improve, they just don't happen so quick)
Lots of crimes here

1. The upper molars bite too far ahead of the lower molars

2. Missing teeth #s 9, 14, and, 29

3. Open bite

4. Upper midline left of center

5. Lower midline right of center

6. Upper and lower teeth not straight

Sentence - 24 months, turned to 27 month.

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Re: So stinking happy with my progress!

#4 Post by djspeece »

Let me just say congratulations and proceed ahead under full steam!

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Re: So stinking happy with my progress!

#5 Post by Oversmite »

Awesome stuff!! Keep at it :D
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Sentence: 18 months (no probation)

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Re: So stinking happy with my progress!

#6 Post by laynalee0914 »

WOW they look great! Such quick progress :-)

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Re: So stinking happy with my progress!

#7 Post by testimony777 »

Looks great!
Braced: March 18, 2016
De-bonded : December 29, 2017 (22 months out of the 18-24 month treatment plan I was given)
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