Chipped tooth

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Chipped tooth

#1 Post by carrieann »

I've had a chipped tooth for quite some time, and now just really noticing it since my teeth are straightening out. It is right beside my front tooth on the right side. It is not symmetrical to the other side as a portion of the bottom corner is chipped. How do they fill in or add more to a chipped tooth? Filing it down would only create a shorter tooth and look more unsemmetrical to the other side. Anyone ever had this problem and experienced a good fix? I haven't asked my ortho yet but will in 3 weeks. Is it the ortho or dentist who does the cosmetic finishes typically?

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Re: Chipped tooth

#2 Post by metalliKa »

If it's a small chip, the ortho will even it out. But if it's big, you'll have to get bonding from your dentist after your braces come off. However, mention this to your ortho and he can tell you what he can and can't do.
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Re: Chipped tooth

#3 Post by ljms »

Your dentist can fix it using a tooth coloured bonding material.

I recommend that you wait until after you get your braces off. Once your teeth are straight you'll notice all kinds of imperfections. When you know what you want fixed, you and your dentist can set up a plan.

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