Second to last adjustment and front teeth have moved

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Second to last adjustment and front teeth have moved

#1 Post by Jamielynn »

Hi there. I have had braces since May of 2014. I went in for my second to last adjustment yesterday. My two front teeth were straight and lined up on the bottom, but now one is shorter than the other. My next adjustment is June 30. Should I call the orthodontist or wait? It's really annoying me. My next adjustment will only be for 2 weeks and I get them off July 14. Will that be enough time to fix it? Its not off by much but I see it and it wasn't like that before the adjustment. Please help. Thank u!

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Re: Second to last adjustment and front teeth have moved

#2 Post by djspeece »

Given that you have been in braces for two years, and I am assuming that the ortho did not add any custom bends to your arch wire at your last adjustment, I would probably be safe and call to see what might be causing it. I am not an orthodontist of course, but I would hope that any last minute tweaking could be accomplished to correct the issue, if indeed it was not planned. Best of luck to you!

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Re: Second to last adjustment and front teeth have moved

#3 Post by Lorianne »

Wow! Your post could've been written by me, I'm in exactly the same boat as you. I'm also at my second to (hopefully) last adjustment and suddenly my front central incisor is shorter than it was before my adjustment last week! It was shorter by the time I got home from the appt and boy, was I sort of freaking. I soooo want these off already. Now I'll need to move this tooth back down at my next appt in, what is now, two more weeks. And I'm praying he can make that happen. But I have a feeling it'll now push out a debanding date for me.

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