Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

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Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#1 Post by unsureprofessional »

Anyone have any experience or thoughts of getting/having braces in the professional world. I'm in my early thirties, male, with pretty bad teeth (to the extent that my dentist regularly comments about possibility of getting orthodontic work). But i have major concerns (and possible embarrassment) both with going through treatment and wearing some sort of braces in my fairly corporate conservative work environment.

Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone had experience in similar situation, and if they encountered any issues, or what thought process was. Thanks!

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#2 Post by jem »

I had an upper brace ( clear Damon brackets) in my 50s .I run my own specialist law firm. I could tell that some people noticed my brace, others did not. No-one ever mentioned it and it was never a problem in my professional life. I would always have preferred people thinking " he has braces" than " he has horrible teeth". You have all of your life ahead of you; braces are just temporary. I would definitely recommend you go ahead.

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#3 Post by djspeece »

If you look at some posts by TheProfessor and me (and others) you'll find that by and large is it no big deal. I am 65 and work as a project leader / healthcare consultant for a large conservative non-profit, with the majority of my work with the (U.S.) federal government. It is amazing how little people really notice. You'll find some people indicate some embarrassment with the lisp that sometimes comes with braces, but that can be overcome with practice. I haven't encountered any issues with others. It's interesting but after I got braces several other people in my office did too. I don't think for a minute that they thought "Whoa, Dan has braces, I think I'd better do the same," but it is becoming more and more common. Best of luck to you!

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#4 Post by angelina »

I get mistaken for a teenager occasionally but nobody has mentioned anything negative about my braces and it hasn't affected my work. The time goes really quickly for me so I'm hopeful I'll be out of them in no time.

I did speak to a girl in braces yesterday at the shops and her lisp was terrible! I'm not sure if she had an appliance behind her teeth Dam because I don't think I've ever heard someone with a lisp unless it's Invisalign.

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#5 Post by Prometheus »

As a retired senior executive/scientist at one of the DJIA heathcare companies, adults with braces were commonplace at work. No one cares, only occasionally did someone bring it up. Often they were interested in getting their own teeth fixed and were looking for encouragement. I never met anyone at work who regretted getting braces, and it certainly did not affect their careers negatively, me included. I've come to believe my colleagues felt getting them showed a sense of purpose and determination to take care of something that needed to be fixed.
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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#6 Post by Bracesat57 »

Do not worry at all about being a professional with braces on your teeth.

I work for the government and am very social outside of work. No one really cares at all. Everyone has their own lives and their own problems. They could care less if you have braces.
We are our own worse critics when it comes to being an adult with braces.
You and your coworkers will forget that they are even there.

Mine are coming off in two weeks and I know I will have the same experience as others one will notice they came off! Now what does that tell

Good luck. Remember, braces are only on for a short period of time....but straight, beautiful teeth are for a lifetime!

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#7 Post by sirwired »

When I got my braces I was a mid-30's professional in a job usually held by people older than I am. The braces (traditional metal) were not an issue at all. (I will say that few male professionals join the colored ligs club! My ortho's office didn't eve ask if I wanted colored ligs after the first visit; silver all the way for me.)

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#8 Post by jaime »

I think the majority of users here are working adults. I have never read anyone say they've had a negative experience in the workplace because of braces.

It is definitely frightening to think of becoming an adult with braces, but IMHO, being judged negatively for it is pretty rare.

I've had my braces for 2 years this month and last week was the first time a stranger commented on them. She had been a braced adult too and when I said I was excited to get mine off, she replied, "Yeah, but at least as adults, we can drink!" Amen... ;-)
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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#9 Post by JCloNY »

I work for a global bank and run my own law firm. Even the people I told I have braces (and shown them on several occasions) say they forget I have them or that they cannot see them. Mistakenly they take my ceramic braces for Invisalign until I do a super full grin. As such have no fear! Interestingly I have found ALLOT of people had braces when they were younger so they are more sympathetic to my reduced meal plan. Outside of that though no one ever comments.
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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#10 Post by buffon85 »

getting braces is not unprofessional. get them. if you were a model or actor i would say to look about invisalign or lingual braces.
don´t think about it!


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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#11 Post by KatieMiller »

I was concerned as well. I work in an insurance office. No one has said anything negative. Most people didn't even notice!

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#12 Post by HummerMan3 »

I think it depends a lot on how confident you present yourself, and also maybe a little on your occupation. I'm a pediatrician, and am about to sign up for 18 months of traditional metal braces. Pediatricians are just basically big kids anyways, and I figure the kids will be good natured about it. If I was a geriatrician, I would likely have considered something more discrete like ceramics, so as not to scare off the old folks. (I'm a bit young looking for my age as it is without braces.)
Keep in mind this is all pre-braces talk ...we'll have to wait to see if I still feel this way in a few months! :lol:

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#13 Post by pure »

I'm currently planning out my braces treatment-- zero concerns professionally.

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#14 Post by louis »

Work in a small office, no issues here, after 2 months only about 20% have noticed.

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Re: Professionals with braces: thoughts or concerns?

#15 Post by Ziggy »

Few people notice my braces. I have to give a lot of talks to groups and I just think braces on adults are commonplace these days. I agree with the other poster who said few people will notice your braces but everyone will remember a mouth full of crooked teeth. Go for it. BTW, clear bracket really help if you're concerned.

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