Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

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Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#1 Post by Tyrantblade »

Just wondering because I personally don't understand why to get a "less obvious" alternative to metal braces, besides if you simply are thinking about aesthetics and think metal braces would detract from your appearance

I mean, to me, if you are worrying about what others would think about you getting/having braces, that's just the wrong reason to get something less obvious, just IMO of course

I went with metal braces (Damon's) as I don't really care what someone will say about be having braces, unless it's positive, in which case I may say thank you, or simply smile and enjoy the moment

To me, if they detract aesthetically, well, it's only a few years and I have bigger things to worry about

This is as a 24 year old (almost 25), that doesn't get hand outs, if I want anything, I have to work for it, and perhaps save for a while, braces were no different (was first told I needed braces at 12-13), but I'm hoping to get ahead of where I need to be, pay things off before needed, and get ahead more and more as time goes on

I can honestly say, maybe a part of this is due to me just being a take no BS person these days, I mean I'm usually nice, but I'm no longer gonna sit back no matter what, if someone gets on my nerve over anything, they better watch out
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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#2 Post by lemonweeps »


I got metallic self ligating braces.

I got those because they were cheaper than the ceramic ones, I also heard that the ceramic ones stained more easily. I couldn't get invisalign because the braces are to prep for my surgery. But anyway, I feel like braces these days are not much of a problem, I don't really see people commenting on people who wear braces really. Maybe it is because they know that they actually cost a ton... haha.

The only thing that happens is when your friends see you for the first time with braces and be like "HAY! You got braces!" and people who have braces will start a discussion with you.

I have been wearing braces for over a month, no nasty comments (maybe behind my back). I never really smiled with my teeth in photos so I don't really have an issue (because I have an under bite).

So yeah... and good on you! Those BS ain't needed! Haha :D

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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#3 Post by littlething »

You're right - I'm getting ceramic braces for aesthetic reasons. I'm 30 but look super young for my age, and I felt that having metal brackets would make me look 16. I thought I would feel less awkward with ceramic brackets.

Also, the price difference for ceramic vs. metal braces wasn't that much more (considering I'm shelling out 8.5k- just an extra $20/month) - so I just went that route.

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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#4 Post by jaime »

I have ceramic on my upper, front six teeth. I prefer how ceramic looks and in some photos, you can't even see that I have braces. I'm not embarrassed of my braces but the less metal that you can see on my face, the better.
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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#5 Post by Felina Grimm »

I chose metal because it's cheaper and because I already have plenty of metal on my face (piercings), so more metal won't hurt. :-P
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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#6 Post by oldfart »

Metal. Due to them being a bit stronger. And my wife wouldn't let me do clear as it cost more.
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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#7 Post by Lovelyteeth »

Metal self ligating. Smaller brackets, a little less time in braces vs ceramic according to my ortho, a little cheaper. I was told by one ortho I was a candidate for Invisalign but not from the other 3 orthos. My rationale was if I'm gunna do this I want the best possible result in the end. Since turning 40 I have gained an ''I don't give a damn what other people think' attitude. It's only a short period of time and I'll have a smile to be proud of for the rest of my life.
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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and

#8 Post by TheProfessor »

I have clear brackets on my upper 6 front teeth. My orthodontist recommends this setup for adults, but I could have chosen metal. I was a very nervous ortho patient at the beginning and liked the idea of the clear brackets being less visible from a distance since I talk in front of large groups of people several time a week. I'm almost at the end of a 2 year sentence and am still happy that I have the clears. They never stained and they don't show up too much in pictures unless you know they are there. I think metal brackets look good on other people, but I like the clears on me.:mrgreen:
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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#9 Post by buffon85 »

clear braces, he offered them at the same price and told me to choose.
i would prefer the metal braces only for the colored ligatures but as it turns out my ortho loves wire ties!


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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#10 Post by Ziggy »

I have clear on the front because that's what I was offered. All the brackets seem to be self ligating. I'm 68. If I thought metal would have made me look 16 again I would have taken them in a heartbeat.

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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#11 Post by BeautifulDisaster »

I got clear uppers for aesthetic reasons. I was 26 when I first got my braces, and I have always looked a lot younger than my age. I was also afraid of looking 16. I work in a sales environment and got a promotion, so I didn't want to look younger than I am because I feel like that could affect my first impression.

And to be perfectly honest, I just like the discreteness. I have always been self-conscious of my crooked smile, and getting clear uppers helped ease me into braces and grow confident with my smile. I'm not self-conscious about flashing a smile as I probably would with metal braces. I'm really glad I went with clear uppers.
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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#12 Post by coriocarey »

If you're in braces is the first place, you likely are concerned about facial aesthetics, at least to some extent.

I have clear uppers at the moment and metal lowers. I will be requesting clear lowers on the bottom at my next adjustment as well. Soley for cosmetic reasons. I speak in public often, many times on camera. If something purely cosmetic can increase confidence, why not? I'm paying a good amount of money for my treatment. So long as it doesn't effect the end result, I'm also going to ensure my treatment is satisfactory to me, aesthetically.

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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#13 Post by Gerbera »

I don't understand why people get so concerned over this metal vs ceramic thing. Do what is best for you for whatever reason that may be. Of course, we ALL have bigger things to be concerned with, but that's completely irrelevant. If it makes the person feel more comfortable in their treatment, then why not?

No one actually cares about anyone's braces, but I wouldn't worry if they did. I got ceramics because I preferred the look of them. That said, if money was an issue I probably would have got metal and been fine with that also.


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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#14 Post by kip »

I went for metal as my ortho said ceramic would be an additional 4-6 months in braces. Sooner I'm out of them with a beautiful smile, the better!

Cost wasn't an issue though, I was quoted an extra £250 for ceramic over metal, which I didn't think was a lot at all (in the grand scheme of things)

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Re: Did you choose metal braces, or an alternative and why?

#15 Post by aep4pDC »

I agree that it's definitely a personal choice, and I've gone back and forth on it a couple times. I haven't gotten my braces put on yet (appt in 3 weeks), but I'm ultimately choosing ceramic for a few reasons. I had metal braces previously from age 6 to age 11 (i'm 28 now) and decided to try something different, and my ortho indicated no difference in cost for selecting one over the other so that was also a contributing factor. My ortho also said that choosing ceramic wouldn't impact my treatment time, and the only downside might be that the brackets break easier so I may end up in the chair for that more often.

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