How different is life with a straight, white smile?

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How different is life with a straight, white smile?

#1 Post by schilla36 »

We're all involved with needing & having braces.
So whatever age you are now, think back & going through life before braces , never having a nice, pretty smile seemed so depressing. Having to smile without showing teeth, or talking differently because of embarrassing issues can really damage your confidence and ego. Especially in high school and college. Normal public daily social interactions & conversations you worry and feel instantly judged by strangers as soon as you open your mouth. What a terrible way to feel about your quality of life. Over some teeth.
But in todays world self image is everything, and most of society view bad teeth as a major turn off.
I have always needed braces but was never able to get them growing up. So now being 26 and having the means to afford them I finally have braces, after wisdom teeth & premolars extractions, and rooting & scaling procedures for minor perio. I have quit smoking cigarettes since May 2015. July 2015 braces went on. Treatment time is estimated at 2 years. I will be 27, going on 28 years old when they come off.
So all of these new exciting changes in health & image have me wondering how life differs with a perfect mouth. Is it easier to find better jobs, find dates (I'm a gay male, and gays tend to care more about appearance) interact with society easier, etc?
How has the quality of life improved for you after braces treatment? I'm hella nervous about all the changes...

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Re: How different is life with a straight, white smile?

#2 Post by klobird »

Life is amazing with straight, white teeth! People even notice and comment--"you have a nice smile" etc. I love it and it was worth every day of the 2 years I was in braces starting at age 55!

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Re: How different is life with a straight, white smile?

#3 Post by buffon85 »

Its not only the way others see you. Its the way you feel about yourself. Its the confidence that you gain. A person that smiles is always more beautiful than a person that doesn't even with a bad smile but most of us learnt to hide our imperfections :D


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Re: How different is life with a straight, white smile?

#4 Post by newbite »

My teeth aren't perfect post-braces, and I know many people would say the same. Be careful seeking perfection! Anyway, I have to wear my retainers a lot for this year post-braces, so that's kind of a downer when interacting with people (people look at them more than they did the braces--plastic!) and they cause me to lisp and dry out my mouth.

I'm just a bundle of cheer today aren't I. My teeth were pretty messed up pre-braces and I AM hugely glad my front teeth are now straight, for one. But, being obsessive, I have already mentally replaced my old imperfections with new ones. Yay for self-compassion...

I do feel more "normal" now and even more "socially acceptable" in a way that kind of annoys me, like I sold out. If my teeth weren't being crushed to bits from my bad bite I probably wouldn't have gotten braces, in spite of the snaggliness.

If your teeth are white and healthy (gums too) I think some snaggles are attractive. But when it comes to bad/destructive bite, fix it.

Whether your life will change depends on whether the way you feel about yourself changes.
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Re: How different is life with a straight, white smile?

#5 Post by djspeece »

My braces were removed in October, and like others have mentioned my teeth aren't perfect, nor was I seeking perfection. I'm in the process of whitening them a bit, but otherwise there has not been any sort of dramatic change. I like to smile and do it often (when I'm being grumpy, of course :lol: .) I'm just happy to be rid of the braces, dental wax, elastics, and feeling compelled to do oral hygiene immediately after every meal. On the balance it was worth it. My life is really not any different though, although I am happy to smile more for a photograph than I was in braces. I'd urge caution to those hoping their life will dramatically change post-braces. However, I think it is safe to say that everyone will be ecstatic to be brace-free!
As I write this I am sitting in my general dentist's waiting room waiting for the staff to show up. I had two temporary crowns placed last week and one of them came off last night. I feel like I should have my own special chair here with my name on it (she shares her practice space with my orthodontist). Always sumthin'.

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Re: How different is life with a straight, white smile?

#6 Post by leadfoot4life »

I am the same age as you and have been in my ceramic braces for 10 months! I've noticed lots of changes in myself just with the braces. My teeth have straightened pretty quickly and I actually smile with my teeth showing! I can't wait to get them off and eat all the hard foods that I am missing.. how's it going for you so far?

I just had an appointment with the ortho this morning and got figure 8s around my teeth to keep them in place, I think. Next time, they want to put me in my "ideals".. and I have been wearing rubber bands but with my new lighter wires, they said to take a break from them.
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Re: How different is life with a straight, white smile?

#7 Post by 40withbracesUK »

I have a rubbish wonky smile so I'm hoping for something better post-braces

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