White arch wire

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White arch wire

#1 Post by Lala082008 »

I'm going to get ceramic braces in a week or so and wanted to ask if anyone had experience with a white/clear arch wire versus the metal one. My ortho only offers the metal one, but to me the white one is less visible. Is it worth trying to find an ortho that uses this?

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Re: White arch wire

#2 Post by Lauradarlin »

I heard the white coating comes off and looks awful, I was pleasantly surprised how well the wire blended in with ceramic brackets and clear ligs, just don't eat curry and stain them day-glo yellow and you'll be grand!

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Re: White arch wire

#3 Post by ItsFreyja »

The most important thing is that you trust the skill of your orthodontist; I wouldn't recommend switching practices just over this. Anyway, I believe the white wire is only available in the early, thin wire strengths, so even if you were able to get them, you'd only be in them for the first couple/few months of treatment.

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Re: White arch wire

#4 Post by Prometheus »

Another member of this board, Aspiromusings, had a white archwire, at least early on. You may want to look at his posts here: http://www.archwired.com/phpbb2/viewtop ... =9&t=48196 or send him a message to ask what he thinks about it. Never the less, if you read though many of the posts here on the site, no one really cares much about the wire being silver or not. People will notice your braces no matter what the color of the wire, and they just don't care if you have braces. In the six months I've had them, a total of two people mentioned it and only to ask how it was going. As ItsFreyja said, its probably not worth changing orthos just for the color of the wire. The most important things are the skill of your doc and how well you get along with them and their staff. The first couple of wires you get are typically silver colored NiTi, they are very thin and barely noticeable.
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Re: White arch wire

#5 Post by Gerbera »

I really wouldn't worry about it. I have white wires, but they do peel and end up just standard metal by a few weeks anyway! Pretty pointless, but I just go with what I'm given.


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Re: White arch wire

#6 Post by Lala082008 »

Wow, thanks for all the helpful replies! It's good to know that it doesn't really matter either way.

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Re: White arch wire

#7 Post by Dee4874 »

I had ceramic braces put on a moth ago with the white wire. It turned silver after 2 weeks. For me it was great to start with the white because it's less visible and I was very self conscious about getting braces. Now that it is silver it doesn't bother me at all it looks fine but it was great because it allows you to get used to the whole experience.

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Re: White arch wire

#8 Post by metalliKa »

Just my personal opinion, I don't see the white wire being inconspicuous at all. In fact, it actually makes the teeth look dingy as most of our teeth are not parched white to begin with.
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Re: White arch wire

#9 Post by NapalmKitty »

Honestly when it comes to orthodontics, I wouldn't get white anything.

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