Estimated time for braces

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#16 Post by Jetsetgo »

My estimated time is 10-12 months. I just got them on 2 weeks ago so a little while yet :)

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#17 Post by lambchop »

I was estimated 18-24 months. I'm now at 50 months... :( I cannot wait to get them off (my hubby agrees, lol). I am so sick of cleaning them!!!! I really never expected to be in them for over four years...I'm trying so hard to be patient! I have one small gap that doesn't want to stay closed...they try to cant my teeth ever so slightly in front, but then the gaps open up, and then they close the gaps, and the front teeth become too vertical. We've gone back and forth like this for months. Finally, a few months ago, one of my orthos ordered a ARC appliance, or something like that (I can't find it anywhere on the internet) that is an old-timey contraption that's supposed to maintain tilt while allowing space to be closed (with a double powerchain). Whether or not this works in the long run, and if the retention can be maintained remains to be seen. Argh!!

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#18 Post by owira »

I was beginning to think I was a crazy person - * everyone is like oh i don't mind .. its ok if it takes longer.. bah not me!!! lol I am ready to be DONE!
I was told 2 years maybe a lil longer but we are pushing on 2 years 8 months and I was ok til about the 2 year 5 month - now every time I go in I want to hear a date of debanding but I have this one gap on the side that will NOT close - and for the last 5 months its been about this gap and I am seeing no movement - none. nada. zilch. so now they have me going in every 2 weeks. yup still nothing. i'm done - i'm over it - I don't care - put some bondo or a chiclet in there and moving on --- literally told my ortho last time when he asked I gonna see a space? not if you know whats good for you! :-+ I don't want to be in these things any longer - and I don't see any purpose to having the bottoms one on at all - they are just sitting there .. waiting for the top space to get with the program. but no. I will go to my appt next week and there is no movement. nothing. after going every two weeks this month. still nothing. ok- rant over- til next time that is :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#19 Post by metalliKa »

Lambchop and owira, my ortho is working to get mine off in a year's time. I don't know how you two can take having braces for as long as you have. Two years is a bit of a stretch for me but 4+ years? I just don't see myself having the patience! However, kudos to you both for your determination to get through this journey albeit the timing may be much longer than anticipated. :jump: :-**
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Re: Estimated time for braces

#20 Post by onwardsandupwards »

I have been given an estimate of 14-18 months which sounds pretty optimistic to me but I'll take it :lol: Having said that though I'm just over 7 weeks in and have already seen a LOT of movement so fingers crossed!

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#21 Post by JohnsonSon »

I was told 30 months. Coincidentally when mine come off in 1 month, it will have been exactly 30 months.

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#22 Post by AHopewell »

I was quoted 24 and am done in a couple of days at not quite 26 :thumbsup:


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Re: Estimated time for braces

#23 Post by Kararenee90 »

I was told 24 months but they feel confident if I take good care of everything and use Acceledent that I can be done in 22 months. Which I really need to have happen because I am getting married in September 2017 and do not want to have to get my braces off for the wedding and put back on afterwards.

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#24 Post by sergiobanks001 »

I am estimated for 20 months but possibly longer. I can't wait.

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#25 Post by rocco11510 »

I was told 18 to 24 months. I am now in month 17, and have not been given an ETA update on when we'll be done.

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#26 Post by kbrie »

I was told 24 months as well! Things will be a go once I decide on if I want my lower left incisor removed!

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#27 Post by Lala082008 »

I was told 24 months, but I feel like it may end up being longer than that. Several other places I went said 24+ months or 2.5 years. I'm scared that I just can't handle having braces for that long (and I don't even have mine yet - schedule to get them put on next week).

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#28 Post by dejavu »

I was estimated 18-24 months. My hope is that it's way closer to 18 months than to 24! It's only been a month and I'm already very ready to get them off.

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Re: Estimated time for braces

#29 Post by djspeece »

Nine days.
Nine freaking days.
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Re: Estimated time for braces

#30 Post by Prometheus »

9 days to go, you must be a happy guy! Every time I go for an adjustment I get comments about how slowly things are moving. I cannot for the life of me see much movement at all and its been 7 months. I'm afraid my 2 year plan will end up being closer to 3. Slow is one thing, but I can only describe this as glacial.....
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