Braces success-still possible with a thumb habit?

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Braces success-still possible with a thumb habit?

#1 Post by lazurm »

I know that, if a person is still sucking their thumb, an orthodontist will not work on their occlusion because the habit undermines the treatment. But someone told me that they've heard of people who have succeeded anyway. Anyone else know of success nonetheless and, if you have your own personal story in that regard, could you share it.
Please realize that the orthodox reasoning precludes treatment until the habit is gone, but I think that it's possible to have effective treatment, at least with certain thumb suckers (like those that only rest their thumb in their mouths, or maybe those that don't do it throughout the entire night, etc.)

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Re: Braces success-still possible with a thumb habit?

#2 Post by Tyrantblade »

I think its possible, but theres not much a point if the person who has the habit cant curb it by the time treatment would be over, it would just cause the same problem all over again.
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Re: Braces success-still possible with a thumb habit?

#3 Post by Anna5 »


I have been an adult thumbsucker myself and I fully sympathesize with you, I know how hard it is too stop this habit, it is so comforting, so addictive. So I really feel with you...
But I would like to warn you, if you suck your thumb during ortho treatment, it not only undermines your treatment, but it could also severely damage the roots of your teeth because of the opposite forces (force from braces is opposite from the force from the thumb). And after your treatment is done, your teeth will almost surely move again if you keep having this habit.
I wish it was otherwise..... It was very hard for me, but I stopped thumbsucking during my treatment for this reasons.
I wish you very good luck, and once again, I know how hard it is to stop the habit, but I think it is worth it in order to get a more beautiful smile!

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