Part of Powerchain broken, advise please.

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Part of Powerchain broken, advise please.

#1 Post by kitkat1 »

While brushing me teeth I noticed that I have a break in my powerchain on one of my lower molars. It's just the top half of the 'O' that goes over the bracket, so the chain is still intact (apart from that break) It's my first breakage since I was braced 14 months ago
I will call the orthodontist tomorrow. but just wanted to ask advise from someone who knows if maybe it's not a big deal and can wait until my next adjustment, which is on the 29/07, since it's not a complete break in the chain.

It might be worth mentioning that I'm in full powerchains top and bottom, top ones to close extraction gaps. Last adjustment my ortho wasn't there and the one who saw me decided to put a lower on as well, which I've not had before, and doesn't appear to be improving anything (in fact teeth look worse since it was fitted)

I don't want to bother the ortho unnecessarily, or waste a trip there..
Do I need to take care of this ASAP, or could it wait?
Thank you :)

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Re: Part of Powerchain broken, advise please.

#2 Post by EWUgal15 »

As always, it depends on your case. The best course of action is to call your orthodontist and resist any and all urges to try to fix it yourself or remedy the situation. Since you're actively closing gaps on the upper arch and that's where the break is, I'm going to guess that they will want to give you a new chain ASAP to prevent any type of negative movement. Especially since your next adjustment is still a few weeks away.

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Re: Part of Powerchain broken, advise please.

#3 Post by djspeece »

As above, but my ortho recommends ASAP replacement presumably because it is not exerting pressure in the expected manner.

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Re: Part of Powerchain broken, advise please.

#4 Post by deathorglory »

I had the same issue happen to me - only the top of the powerchain O broke, but when I called it in I was advised to come in ASAP to fix it, as any break in the chain rendered it less effective. Also, I keep having powerchains fitted on both upper and lower teeth if only because my teeth like to shift during the 6 weeks between appointments and small gaps like to develop. My orthodontist basically gives me a powerchain to keep my teeth tightly together if she notices ANY gaps developing.
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Re: Part of Powerchain broken, advise please.

#5 Post by kitkat1 »

Thank you all for your quick replies! Much appreciated. I will call the orthodontist this morning to get it sorted out straight away.

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