They're off!

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They're off!

#1 Post by anedia »

Hi everyone,

I once had a post up in my braces story part but I couldn't just keep it up to date.. but I got my braces off on Wednesday and wanted to post my pictures / thoughts.

I got braced Sept 2013. I had traditional wires until July 2014 where I got switched to the robotic "suresmile" wires. I would highly recommend this system to anyone - I really like it fine tuned the ending of my treatment and sped it up. Also - WEAR YOUR RUBBER BANDS.

Image First day in braces
Image They're off!!

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

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Re: They're off!

#2 Post by Candyland »

They look great! I haven't heard of robotic wires before, I will have to look that up.

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Re: They're off!

#3 Post by Lorianne »

congrats! they look awesome!

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Re: They're off!

#4 Post by NeilH »

Hi, great result, congratulations!

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Re: They're off!

#5 Post by kelly88 »

I have never heard of those before but will look it up.

Looking great! :D Congratulations!

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Re: They're off!

#6 Post by djspeece »


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. -- Buddist saying

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