Beware "Holistic" Dentists

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Re: Beware "Holistic" Dentists

#31 Post by shortcircuit »

If you want to see how ethical and honest your holistic dentist really is, go to their website and see which products they are selling in addition to dental treatments. They will often promote products or sell treatments that use the magic word "quantum" to explain why they are able to make claims that completely ignore all physical laws and established scientific knowledge. If you dig a little deeper into their claims, this is what you will commonly see:

1. Misusing or misrepresenting the definitions of scientific terms; i.e. quantum, energy, frequencies, scalar, capacitance, inductance, dielectric, resonance, etc. Their promotional literature might sound compelling to the average layman, but to those who have studied these topics in depth, it's immediately clear that the materials are nothing more than pure nonsense.

2. Claiming that 2-3 fringe studies published in obscure journals are proof that the mainstream ideas held by the vast majority of professionals and published in peer-reviewed journals are false. This is often where the conspiracy theories start coming into play.

3. Misrepresenting the results/conclusions of scientific studies done in the past, or trying to use a few disparate and non-related conclusions to make a unified whole.

4. Assuming that their hypothesis is true without a doubt, then cherry-picking data and evidence that appears to support the hypothesis and ignoring everything else.

One of the higher-profile holistic dentists in Connecticut has links on his website to somebody in the UK selling devices that claim to do any number of impossible things. If you buy the one for your car (for almost $600), the maker claims that it will boost gas mileage by 20%, cut tire wear in half, and make it virtually impossible to skid or lose control while braking hard. This is pure, unadulterated fraud, nothing more, nothing less. The same rubbish applied to "quantum scalar energy healing" is pure, unadulterated quackery, and any dentist or doctor who can take people's money for this with a straight face isn't someone I'm going to be taking any advice from.

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Re: Beware "Holistic" Dentists

#32 Post by bbsadmin »

Aside from "holistic dentist" quackery, I'm also leery of the "doctors" who tell you to hold a substance in one hand, and then test your arm strength (to determine whether you're allergic to the substance). I forget what it's called, but it's total nonsense.
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Re: Beware "Holistic" Dentists

#33 Post by Seaunicorn »

Great information!

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Re: Beware "Holistic" Dentists

#34 Post by yogurtyoga »

Thank you for the post. I was thinking about removing the mercury filling in my mouth because they don't look pretty. now I would it it a second thought.

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Re: Beware "Holistic" Dentists

#35 Post by leprechaun »

Decent advice.

I think some patients are just passive and take whatever their doctors say for granted, even if they don't understand the reasoning behind it. They assume that they just "know better".

And, in all fairness, they probably do. However, as in any field, if you are unable to explain a convoluted concept to a lay person, then you probably don't understand it well yourself (or, at worst, you have more sinister intentions).

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