tooth sensitive to cold

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tooth sensitive to cold

#1 Post by Toxgirl »

Hi all,

I've been braced top and bottom for about 5 weeks now. Everything was fine while getting braced until the assistant started prepping one of my molars. I'm not sure what they do before putting on a bracket but whatever it was, I almost jumped out of the chair because of extreme pain on that molar!! I put my hand up to signal her and she stopped but everytime she put the cold air on it I wanted to die!!! She said the tooth was sensitive and that some of my teeth would be sensitive because of having braces. I haven't had sensitivity to cold with any of the other teeth except that one. It's been 5 weeks and it's not as bad as that first week but everytime I drink something cold or even rinse my mouth with tap water or mouthwash the sensitivity hits!! I even have resorted to just rinsing on one side until the mouthwash heats up a bit and then swish on the sensitive side. i've been using sensodyne in the morning and this other toothpaste, i think prescription strength fluoride, in the evening. Is this normal and will it stay this way the whole time i'm braced??

i'm supposed to get brackets on the very last molars next week and am so scared of the pain when they get to the molar that is next to the sensitive one. :(

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Re: tooth sensitive to cold

#2 Post by Bengals1418 »

It happens sometimes but not always. I would try to stay away from foods that are cold.

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Re: tooth sensitive to cold

#3 Post by newbite »

Ask your dentist for a prescription for sensitive toothpaste. It's not only high fluoride but also has de-sensitizing agents. It's stronger and more effective than what you can buy over the counter. Many of my teeth are very sensitive and this is the only thing that really helped. I use it 2x day and have used it for about two years now.

You can also ask your dentist to apply a fluoride/desensitizing treatment to that tooth. It won't last forever but will help for awhile.

Ask if the ortho can use warm air and water when applying your brackets. They did for me and it hardly hurt at all.

Good luck! Really try to get that Rx, it will make a huge difference for you.
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