How do lips normallly seal?

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How do lips normallly seal?

#1 Post by Anna5 »


I got my braces off a couple of months ago, but I still have lip incompetence which bothers me. My upper lip covers about two thirds of my upper incisors, but my lower lip covers nothing! (so at rest you can see one third of my upper incisors and all my bottom teeth). I was wondering: how do lips normally seal? Does your upper lip normally seal your upper teeth completely or only two thirds? And does you lower lip cover your lower teeth but also a bit of your upper teeth? Just wondering if my problem is only in my lower lip or also in my upper lip....

I am going to see a surgeon next week to discuss my options to achieve a better lip seal. Hopefully I can get away with a genioplasty (as apposed to double jaw surgery) .....

I will keep you updated!

Greetings from Anna

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Re: How do lips normallly seal?

#2 Post by Woobster »

My lower lip does cover a small portion of my top teeth. That probably varies from person to person though.

I hope your surgeon is able to give you some options. Good luck to you!

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Re: How do lips normallly seal?

#3 Post by purplestar »

Before braces, i showed about 2mm of upper incisor at rest. I am a year into braces, and now my upper lip cover only half of my incisor, and sort of hanging on top of the brackets. I still have 3mm extractioñ gap on each side, and a gummy smile to be fixed by pushing up my 4 front teeth with mini screws. I hope these with fixed my lip incompetency.

Looking forward to your update :)

P/s. Your teeth and smile are beautiful, I will be glad if I get similar result

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Re: How do lips normallly seal?

#4 Post by Anna5 »

Thanks for your replies!
I think your lip seal is normal, woobster, that the lower lip also covers a bit of the upper teeth.
I wish you very good luck with your treatment, purplestar, I hope your treatment will fix your lip incompetence as well as your teeth!

I will see a surgeon on Tuesday, so I will give you an update then!

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