Things I should have on hand for brace day

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Things I should have on hand for brace day

#1 Post by Toxgirl »

Hi all,
I am getting braces this Thursday and was wondering if there are any things I should get in preparation for brace day and beyond. I'm thinking soups, yogurts, oatmeal etc. for the first few days of eating but are there any other things you found helpful besides lots of Motrin!!??

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Re: Things I should have on hand for brace day

#2 Post by kiligeorge »

Yes, lots of soft foods around for meals/snacks. Some people are able to eat normal again within a few days, some people it takes a couple of weeks. Applesauce, icecream, smoothies, refried beans, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes are all good in addition to what you listed. My husband made a lot of very well blended vegetable soups so I was still getting veggies/fiber.

I would get a soft bristled toothbrush, consider a water flosser/waterpik, lots of dental wax (your ortho should have some), and toothpicks.

The first few days/week is the worst, but braces time really does go by quickly. Try to time your pain killers out so you get a dose in before bedtime, so your teeth wont hurt as much when you are sleeping.

Hope your bracing goes well! It will be an adjustment at first but before you know it you'll be used to them and it's amazing how much your teeth will improve!
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Re: Things I should have on hand for brace day

#3 Post by beckyboo0205 »

Don't go crazy like I did and buy a whole case of Ensure because you are so concerned you won't be able to eat anything!

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Re: Things I should have on hand for brace day

#4 Post by djspeece »

I think kiligeorge has a good list. I would also recommend you invest in some good toothbrushes for travel, and small tubes of toothpaste to keep with you so that you can perform oral hygiene when out and about; it might also be a good idea to travel with wax as well, and perhaps a small container for your pain med of choice. The travel toothbrushes at (sponsor of this forum, BTW) work well, and don't shed their bristles. Cheap toothbrushes shed their bristles when they encounter brackets and what not, and it is a pain in the neck to get rid of those single strands entangled in your hardware. I end up using a hemostat, since they really are quite resistant to being removed just using the fingers. Also take wax along as well. I use an empty wax container to carry around a supply of elastics, ibuprofen, wax, and a tiny love note from my girlfriend that makes me smile when I am brushing my teeth in a public restroom.

If you encounter the excellent thread "Confess Your Orthodontic Sins," you'll get an idea of how mere mortals handle the challenges and restrictions imposed by braces. Or not.

Best of luck to you.

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Re: Things I should have on hand for brace day

#5 Post by Toxgirl »

Thanks Kiligeorge!! I hadn't even thought about eggs or refried beans. I went grocery shopping yesterday and loaded up on the foods you mentioned. i also bought a Waterpik yesterday. My husband had braces as a teen and he said he couldn't live without his waterpik during that time. Djspeece, I put together a work dental kit that i can leave here in my locker but I didn't even think about a travel kit as well. I am very forgetful so I know that if I only have one i will ultimately leave the house empty handed. THanks for the encouragement and the tips!! I think i'm ready!!

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Re: Things I should have on hand for brace day

#6 Post by leadfoot4life »

I'm right there with you Toxgirl! I get mine on Monday! What kind are you getting?
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Re: Things I should have on hand for brace day

#7 Post by Toxgirl »

I got ceramic on top and metal on the bottom. At my consultation the ortho told me 12-14 months, but then after x-rays, molds and pictures she told me it would be 14-16 months. Putting on the brackets was a piece of cake but i had no idea they were so rough when the wires get put in. It wasn't painful just rough!! I won't lie the past 8 days have been rough as well. I am still on soft foods because it hurts to bite down on anything and soups, yogurt, applesauce etc aren't cutting it. I am constantly hungry and it makes me so sad when I see my family enjoying their normal food and I'm starving!! I know its going to get better and it will all be worth it in the end.

Good Luck on Monday and let me know how it went!!!

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