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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#16 Post by beckyboo0205 »

They look so great!!!

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#17 Post by parsleysage »

Congratulations!!!!! :jump: Your teeth look wonderful. Such an amazing result!!!!

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#18 Post by newbite »

Lovely results! Are your retainer looks awesome, too! Congratulations !!!
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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#19 Post by Lorianne »

OMG, you look beautiful! Congrats! I'm so glad you did that little bit of filing of your canines. Looks so complete now! Enjoy your lovely smile forever!

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#20 Post by cata »

Congratulations! Great smile!!

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#21 Post by MrsCharisma »

Thank you everyone! ... 13&t=45175

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Sentence: 18-24 months
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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#22 Post by MrPlenty »

Wow amazing results! Congratulations on your million dollar smile!

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#23 Post by WiredWeaver »

Congratulations!! So exciting to see the transformation!!

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#24 Post by bjohnson207 »

Looks Amazing!


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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#25 Post by Snowglobe32 »

Your teeth look great!

I am concerned about nighttime wear only...can you wear them for more hours other than just night time?

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#26 Post by 41twinsmom »

Congratulations! Looks amazing!

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#27 Post by tartanhabit »

Amazing transformation, congratulations!

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#28 Post by teeebeee »

Beautiful! Well done, you! :)

Oh, and lovely retainer colour...festive!

T xx

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#29 Post by Wolfy »

Congrats! That's awesome :)

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Re: THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

#30 Post by ajs604 »

Awesome result! Your teeth look amazing!
Started treatment to correct open bite non surgically

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