Getting a forsus appliance - so many questions!

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Getting a forsus appliance - so many questions!

#1 Post by knora123 »

Hi everyone!

I'm a 25-year old braces newbie and am going to be getting my braces put in on Friday (I think, as of this moment, I will be going with all metal). I will need to wear them for 1.5-2 years to correct an overbite and over jet. Sometime in my treatment, I learned yesterday, I will also need to wear a forsus appliance for about 6 months to bring my jaws together. It looks awful! ... iance.html

Does anyone here have experience with it? How long did it take to get used to? Was it visible? Was it easy to eat with? And the big question, dare I ask: *KISSING*? Slash dating? I must be honest I am quite worried...

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Felina Grimm
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Re: Getting a forsus appliance - so many questions!

#2 Post by Felina Grimm »

You can't go wrong with all-metal. I don't worry about staining or anything, plus I like the metal look as I already have multiple piercings. I can't help you with the forsus part. I also have an overbite myself, but I'm not sure whether I'll be using elastics or another appliance yet so I'm wondering myself.
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Re: Getting a forsus appliance - so many questions!

#3 Post by klobird »

I have been out of braces for a couple years now..just came to browse..I was terrified if getting the Forsus. It was annnoying but not horrible..the most annoying thing with mine was that some technical problem was ALWAYS going on. Metal parts coming apart etc. After 3 months I got fed up and told the ortho I wanted them off. He took them off and I still got my braces off within a few days of the 2 year mark the ortho estimated. Braces were the best decision of my life in spite of them being a pain in the ass. Nothing compares to having random people tell you that your teeth are beautiful after 55 years with a crooked overbite!! It's not as bad as it looks and in some ways easier than elastics...Good Luck in your braces journey!

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