anxious and scared for debracing.....

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anxious and scared for debracing.....

#1 Post by Anna5 »

I am going to get debraced on the 23th of October. I know I must be happy and excited, but at the moment I feel scared and anxious: are my teeth really good enough? Am I really ready to get debraced? Will I be happy with my new smile or will I always be bothered by my imperfections? Will I for always blame myself for not having gone through with surgery??? Or will I be able to find peace in how I look and be happy with the great progress I have made?

Here is my thread with my pictures: ... 13&t=47386

Anyone who can relate to these feelings? Anyone who had this feeling before debracing as well and had a happy (or not so happy) debracing? I would love to hear from you!

Greetings from Anna

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#2 Post by Lalaloo »

C'mon, Anna... Don't act like a child. Your teeth look awsome and you'll be absolutely fine.

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#3 Post by chichi »

I still have mine on, but I think I've been like you every time I think about them coming off. I'm so nervous that I won't be completely happy with them. At every appointment, my ortho shows me a picture of where I started and tells me he's very happy with how they are now, but I'm constantly finding things I want fixed (some of them aren't fixable, some are just in my head). I can't wait to get rid of these things, but I also like knowing I still have a chance to move teeth if I don't like something.

Good luck with your debanding! Your teeth look amazing :)
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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#4 Post by beckyboo0205 »

Well that post right after your original one seems a little harsh. I don't think you are acting like a child! Just because you are anxious about this, doesn't make you childish at all. It's a big thing! You probably felt the same BEFORE getting them on too... are my teeth really that bad? Do I really want to get these things on?

I don't have a debanding date yet but I think it will be soon. Like 7 weeks I think. So I can't exactly relate, but I know when something big is about to happen to me, I tend to freak out a little and sorta question everything and if I really am ready or really want to do what I am about to do! While most of me thinks my teeth look great, there's a little part that worries I'm not going to be happy. Even though these braces are little, I feel like they block what the real look of my teeth are. So is it going to look the same?

I think you will come to peace with it and be happy. Because you have come so far!

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#5 Post by Anna5 »

Thank you for your kind messages, support and understanding. And it may be childish, but for me it is real anxiety and nervousness (probably triggered by my low self esteem)....
But you are right, Beckyboo, I also had anxiety before getting them on. I even cancelled my first bracing appointment!
And the same, I backed out at my debracing appointment (I was already supposed to get debraced in August).
But now I am determined to face my fears, to fight them and to get debraced and see how I feel after debracing. And if I remain unhappy, then there is surely always the possibility to have more work done in the future.
I also wish you all the best, Beckyboo and Chichi, because you are also struggling with these feelings. I sincerely hope your debanding days somewhere in the future will be very happy days.

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#6 Post by msbraceface »

You should be totally excited that you got this over with! Congrats on your new smile! :) I am getting braces that's what I call anxiety!! I feel sick to my stomach! Ahh.

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#7 Post by plugnickel69 »

Hi Anna: Sometimes people will tell you your teeth look great to make you feel good. In your case, when people on this site tell you, Anna, your teeth look great! they are telling you the absolute truth. Many people here would kill to have your smile.

Anna, don't be afraid to get your braces off. Your teeth do look great! You should be proud of yourself for going through with the procedure, and you should be proud of your smile when you get your braces off.

We all wish you the best!

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#8 Post by SunshineRay »

Hugs Anna! You can do this. You will look great!

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#9 Post by NeilH »

Hi Anna, I'm sure you are going to be delighted with the finished result. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos and reading about how you got on. Hang in there!

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#10 Post by Anna5 »

Thank you all so much for your kind and reassuring words! I hope you are all right and that I will be happy with my results. At least, I have made a HUGE improvement during the past 18 months in braces.
I am still very nervous, but determined that I will go in there on Thursday with confidence.

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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#11 Post by Nozzelnut »

Good luck tomorrow Anna!
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Re: anxious and scared for debracing.....

#12 Post by cata »

So excited for you, Anna! I hope you realize how great your teeth look when your braces are off.

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