I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

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I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#1 Post by Carnations »

I've had my braces on for a week now and I've been brushing my teeth incredibly tentatively because I'm worried about breaking a bracket. My dentist said I could brush normally, but I just can't get the idea out of my head that I'm going to somehow dislodge a bracket or wire if I get a bit too enthusiastic. Is it really OK to brush away with vigour? Right over the brackets as well as around the edges? Anyone broken one doing this? I really need to get over this... it's taking me ages every time I brush.

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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#2 Post by dantocanada »

Brush away! I brush with an electric toothbrush (using decent pressure) and I've had my braces for almost 3 months and not broken anything. I've also eaten nuts, carrots, hard bread, etc and no breakages.

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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#3 Post by Palua143 »

I know what you mean, I got mine put on yesterday

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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#4 Post by chichi »

I know what you mean. While my fear of brushing only lasted a day, I understand. My advice would be to brush as you did before braces. I figure that if brushing breaks something, it was going to break anyway.
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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#5 Post by clearlybracedmomma23 »

i felt this way for a day or two and thankfully i realized i was being silly.i use an electric tooth brush and always get just as enthusiastic as i did before braces.better yet get yourself a water pik too they are great! i hope this helps in getting you over the fear they will break, i promise they won't. it takes a lot of pressure on hard stuff to break a bracket off... remember those bad boys are cemented to your teeth :D

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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#6 Post by sirwired »

Assuming you are not chewing on your toothbrush, brushing is NOT going to dislodge your brackets. Chewing forces (even for foods that are not particularly "chewy") are orders of magnitude stronger than anything you can possible do with your toothbrush. If by some chance a bracket does pop off during brushing, I can guarantee it's not your fault.

You DO, however, want to avoid being TOO aggressive with your toothbrush for your gums' sake. Use the softest brush sold in your particular brand, and do not point the bristles directly into your sulcus (the pocket between your tooth and gums).

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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#7 Post by AccioBraces »

I was afraid to brush in the beginning as well, but I realised that the brackets won't come off that easily :D it's all good.

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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#8 Post by ashgerg »

I was the same way at first. I've had mine for 6 weeks now and I have come to the realization that I won't break a bracket from brushing haha.
Keep brushing as you were!

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Felina Grimm
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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#9 Post by Felina Grimm »

I was afraid to brush as well, partially because I didn't want to break a bracket and the other reason because I had gum recession because I used to brush too vigorously and with a medium-bristle brush. Now I'm brushing a couple of notches less than how I used to brush prior to braces.

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Re: I'm afraid to brush my teeth!

#10 Post by Rachelxxoo »

Don't worry at all! I always brush aggressively and the only thing that has happened was color ties coming off and breaking a power chain. But never causing a bracket or wire to come off.

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