Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

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Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#1 Post by ichigo9 »


I'm moving to England for work soon, and I'd like to know if there are any English brace-wearers on this board? I'd like to know about your experiences as an adult brace wearers, particularly other people's attitude to them, in the workplace, or when meeting new people :?: I want to prepare myself mentally :tingrin:

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Re: Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#2 Post by Paris19 »

I'm from England. Hi! Well I'm 26, I'm currently doing an education degree at a Russell group university, whilst completing work placement for a further graduate degree which I am taking in 2015. I've had my braces on since May. I may have been lucky in the fact that no can actually see them unless I laugh really openly. I meet new people everyday and so far not even one person has asked me why I'm wearing a brace, so the attitudes of people have been positive. I was very nervous at first about seeing metal on my mouth and tried to avoid getting metal braces at all costs. However, I had no choice but to resort to a metal brace as I am opening up a gap to create space for an implant. I also work in retail and customers, colleagues and managers pretty much mind their own business. If someone's curious just tell them you want to better your smile. The only people that really ask me is my close friends that I see every other day, but that was when I first put them on, so I guess that's normal. Good luck :)

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Re: Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#3 Post by scraggy »

Hi, I'm from England I had braces at 30 on the NHS and have to go the children hospital to be treated and they don't have an adult department. Everyone I meet has been nice or interested I'm my braces as they want braces them selfs.

You will be fine in England. If your are young looking carry ID as my age was asked a lot.
England is a lovely friendly place. We welcome you.

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Re: Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#4 Post by Beebop »

Hi there, I'm from England too :) 38 and braced still following surgery. No problems at all, a couple of idiots at work made comment when I first got them but they obviously got bored. I have a people facing role at work, once you get over the self consciousness it'll be fine. No issues at all, wear them with pride!! :)


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Re: Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#5 Post by cs2thecox »

English, 33 and braced, but I have linguals...

Adult braces are certainly not uncommon here now though, and really no-one cares! You'll be fine :D

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Re: Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#6 Post by monkey123 »

I'm in my forties/UK - nobody has ever mentioned\commented on it to me, in fact I made more of a fuss letting people know that I was getting them - I just think it is part of every day life these days.

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Re: Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#7 Post by grin61 »

In Canada, Older adults wearing braces has become more and more common place . I know when I took the plunge to finally take steps to correct my teeth, I was initially shy upon entering the waiting room of the orthodontist`s office. I asked the staff what the ratio of adult patients to children were and was told it was 1:5 .

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Re: Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#8 Post by Uglybetty1 »

No one cares really :) I've not had one negative remark about my braces, most people are just curious about what the treatments like.

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Re: Attitude towards adult brace-wearers in England?

#9 Post by Mightymildred »

Hi, agree with what everyone has said so far.
The only person who has a problem with my braces is me.
I'm sick of mine. I was told that my teeth had not moved between my last two appointments which were 12weeks apart. If I had a pair of pliers I'd rip them off tonight.
I don't see many people in braces but when I do I seen drawn to them. Haha. Ask them how long they've had them on and have they any pain etc.
Welcome to the UK!

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