Should I be worried?

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Should I be worried?

#1 Post by HeyKay1991 »

So, Monday night I was brushing my teeth and my toothbrush slipped and I kind of ended up accidentally yanking on my right front tooth. My teeth have been super sensitive since I got my braces on in May and now that tooth is extremely sore, sensitive to cold drinks , and definitely wiggles more than it did before. I have an adjustment at my ortho on Friday and I am going to get them to look at it. Should I be concerned though? Maybe I just irritated it? Advice would be great.

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Re: Should I be worried?

#2 Post by djspeece »

I don't think I would wait for an assessment given the level of your discomfort and the other symptoms you note. At the very least I would call the office and seek the ortho's advice on the urgency of an exam. I hope it is nothing. Best of luck to you.

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Re: Should I be worried?

#3 Post by cata »

Hopefully, it's nothing. If it makes you feel any better, my daughter hit her head really hard on my mouth a month after I got my braces on. I had one tooth that was incredibly sore for over a week. Everything was fine though.

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Re: Should I be worried?

#4 Post by TMJJill »

When I had concerns I always called. Sometimes I'd get advice on the phone, other times, they would have me come in.

When I had extra soreness with a tooth, they had me go back to a soft food diet for a bit until things calmed. I had a major incident with one tooth that resulted in going back to 2 weeks on soft food.

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Re: Should I be worried?

#5 Post by homegrown »

I think you have just irritated it. Whilst the teeth begin to move the supporting ligaments become quite loose. This can make the tooth feel like it could easily come out, but don't worry, it won't!
I'm just starting to get the message about being careful with what i eat as i have suffered for a while after biting into bagels etc. I think it's all about self managing our treatment as best we can.

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Re: Should I be worried?

#6 Post by HeyKay1991 »

Thanks for the advice guys! I went to my ortho this morning and the assistant looked at it, said it was fine but then fussed at me and told me I needed to be more careful (rude, accidents happen.) And then they punished me by putting elastics on my braces yaaaaay!

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