Molar Bands

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Molar Bands

#1 Post by Dougsey »

Hi Everyone,
Had my consult yesterday... ortho prefers to use molar bands (but will try just using glued bracket on the back if I really want).

She thinks the glued bracket may pop off due to chewing food back there. She also said gluing a bracket to my gold crown on my bottom teeth is problematic.

I thought molar bands where a thing of the past for the most part.

What do you all have?

(and sorry to repost this question again here but this seems to be the most read board)
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Re: Molar Bands

#2 Post by sirwired »

Bands are still quite common on bonding-impaired teeth. (Orthodontic cement relies on an acidic primer etching the teeth; the cement then becomes part of the tooth. No etching (like on gold crowns or composite fillings), no priming. On the back teeth, this reduced bonding strength can be a problem.

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Re: Molar Bands

#3 Post by kitkat1 »

I have molar bands on 4 teeth, and i'm supposed to get them on my very back molars as well but don't have the room for them right now. I don't have any fillings or crowns etc on any of those teeth.

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Re: Molar Bands

#4 Post by Ciara »

I have molar bands on 3 back teeth. All 3 have ceramic fillings and a cemented bracket wouldn't stick well. The molar bands are no problem. and having them placed was painless.

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Re: Molar Bands

#5 Post by pytsim »

I'm into 10 months now and just got 4 molar bands today - 2 upper and 2 lower ones. It feels very sore right now and when I close my mouth, my molars don't touch, which makes chewing impossible.

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Re: Molar Bands

#6 Post by JumpTheDitch »

I had molar bands with my first round of braces, with a 2nd set of bands added partway thru treatment. This time I also have molar bands, but currently also have a single upper bracket on one side second molar. My dentist was going to use brackets on my 2nd molars, & bonded one side to that effect but since decided bands would be better. Possibly since brackets keep coming off, despite being bonded onto natural tooth surface (not fillings, etc). I've had brackets pop off five times so far, so I think molar bands will be a better bet. At least molar bands don't pop off slowing down treatment time!




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Re: Molar Bands

#7 Post by nellarmonia »

4 molar bands here.

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Re: Molar Bands

#8 Post by clearlybracedmomma23 »

I've just got brackets glued on no molar bands

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Re: Molar Bands

#9 Post by ron1697 »

Cool! I say try it.

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Re: Molar Bands

#10 Post by pjade1 »

I have 6 molar bands so far and 2 more left to go. I have 4 molar bands on my top rear teeth and 2 on the bottom. The rear most molars were too tight to install so I will get spacers again and they will try a week after that again. I think I would have knocked a bracket off already if they didn't put on molar bands because of my bite and I have only had them on for 5 days.
07/14/14 - 4 spacers put in
07/25/14 - braces top and bottom put in minus 2 molar bands that they couldn't fit
9/11/14 - 2 spacers put in between the bottom back molars
9/19/14 - last 2 bottom molar bands in and all hooked up, new wire, started elastics too
10/14/14 - new square wire change and thick elastics
04/24/17 - braces removed!!! :BigGrin:

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Re: Molar Bands

#11 Post by dantocanada »

I only have lower braces so far, and no molar bands. I also thought I was going to have to get molar bands because one of my molars has a an old metal filling in the side. But the Hygienist used a special glue when she put on the bracket (she identified it by saying it smells terrible) because of the filling. I'm only 10 days in, but so far nothing has broken.

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