Need advice...tooth extraction or TAD???

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Need advice...tooth extraction or TAD???

#1 Post by Haruna »

Hello everyone =]

I really need some I went to the orthodontist yesterday, and he said that in order for me to have braces I need to create more space. And he gave me two options: remove two molars or use the the TAD (Temporary Anchorage Device) to move my teeth so I have some space. He recommended me tooth extraction, because the TAD will take a long time (approx 6 month) and it is more troublesome for me. I am not very comfortable with the idea of removing two perfectly healthy teeth, but it seems like tooth extraction is the way to go, and that is what everyone did. So now I am really torn...has anyone picked the TAD option or used the TAD before?? help advice/recommendations would be really helpful!!

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Re: Need advice...tooth extraction or TAD???

#2 Post by Nozzelnut »

If you don't want with the extractions and don't mind the additional time to move teeth with a TAD that's what you need to tell your ortho. Explain your reasons why you're thinking what you're thinking. Orthodontists should be willing to work with you. Some folks on here have had great success using TADs to move teeth.

If you're not comfortable working with that one specific ortho, get a second or third opinion; as many as you need. Look around, treatment options, time, and prices may vary a lot. It will be a learning experience for you and see other treatment options available. Some orthos are trained in a specific way to move teeth; others differently.
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Re: Need advice...tooth extraction or TAD???

#3 Post by sirwired »

Nobody here can tell you what the best choice is; as the previous poster said, you really need to get opinions from other orthodontists.

Personally, I'd give the TAD a try; you can usually extract later if it doesn't work (although that would certainly be a question for the ortho.) That said, the absolute wrong plan is to simply search until you find an orthodontist who never mentions extractions. You need to find the one that proposes a plan that makes the most sense to you.

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Re: Need advice...tooth extraction or TAD???

#4 Post by Lalaloo »

If there are options... I'd say you should give Tads a chance. Which, in fact, is a chance you give to your perfectly healthy teeth.

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Re: Need advice...tooth extraction or TAD???

#5 Post by BracesGuy »

You said it yourself, why have good teeth pulled if you don't have to. Spend the extra 6 months now so that you can have those teeth for the rest of your life.

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Re: Need advice...tooth extraction or TAD???

#6 Post by Haruna »

Thanks for your advice everyone! =D

I went to two more orthodontists, and both of them said I need to get 2-3 tooth extracted. The only reason I'm hesitant about the TAD is because not a lot of people seemed to go that route, so I'm not sure how effective it will be; and especially two other orthodontists only offered me the tooth extraction option...

I'm probably over thinking abut this...(like I always do), but I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision.

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Re: Need advice...tooth extraction or TAD???

#7 Post by SunshineRay »

TAD's are dont by alot of ortho's so that could be why the others only offered extractions. I had a hard time with one of mine and my ortho was going on vacation so he left it out because there wouldnt be another dentist/ortho in my area to help me while he was gone.

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