Open Bite correction with TADs

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#16 Post by TheProfessor »

Amazing progress!
Braces installed on March 25, 2014: Damon clears on top and metal on bottom.
I had braces for 25 months!


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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#17 Post by ajs604 »

Looking really good. I have closure now, must post some new pics, but wont accept pics from my phone. I had my TADs removed last Thursday and appliance removed two months ago, all has been stable and no relapse. Glad to see things are going well for you too :)
Started treatment to correct open bite non surgically

My Story so far: ... 13&t=44572
TAD's inserted into upper pallet 9/5/13
Braces & intrusion appliance fitted 23/5/13 - journey has now fully begun.
1st adjustment 2/07/13

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#18 Post by Lorianne »

Really looking great! It's amazing the change!

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#19 Post by playmaker7206 »

This photo marks the 13 month mark, and we have full occlusion of the bite. The middle of the top arch is also perfectly aligned with the middle of the bottom arch. This part to me is the most impressive. I have seen many before and after pics of surgical patients to achieve a similar result. I honestly thought it would take 2+ years in braces to get to this point in alignment, but we are here much sooner than expected.
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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#20 Post by Bracesat57 »

Your progress is fantastic. Amazing!

How much longer do you think you will be in braces?

Braces installed October 2, 2014
Braces removed May 17, 2016

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#21 Post by Anna5 »

WOW, your teeth look really great. What an AMAZING progress! I think you are almost done?!

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#22 Post by dollface4248 »

Wow my ortho said i need this last week too
Did getting the TADS in hurt? Did they hurt after? How did you clean them ? Im so scared...
I hope my open bite closes too
Im a new user and cant see your pics yet i wish i could- sounds so great!!!

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#23 Post by jfriend33 »

It's very reassuring to read such great things about TADs! I am a little nervous to get mine (I'll have 8 to 12) gradually added.

I have braces on all teeth except my 6 front upper and 6 front lower teeth! It's like magic because it's not very visible.

My transpalatal arch with acrylic button has been a SOB though with speaking but I've finally mastered it!

My lower lingual holding arch has spikes and my two front teeth have brackets on the back (as a reminder).

My myofunctional therapy gets the biggest credit for my progress. Without it, after completing treatment, my teeth would just relapse!

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#24 Post by vaselina »

Goodness, I wish I had known about TADs before my treatment began. I consulted with 3 different orthodontists who all said that I will be needing surgery to correct my open bite, but now I am starting to feel like they were all quacks. Almost a year into braces and not looking forward to surgery.

Anyway, congrats on the amazing progress!

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#25 Post by 30andbraced »

I'm a new user and can't wait to see some of these pictures! I am treating an open bite right now with just braces. I'm hoping that my ortho can close it all the way. Surgery just wasn't an option for me and my family. My ortho didn't mention tads but maybe I should ask about them. Can't wait to see how you progress!

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#26 Post by yumitan89 »

[quote="SunshineRay"][quote="parsleysage"]Wow! Looks great!

Are TADs included in your orthodontic fee or do you pay a surcharge for them? I may end up getting a missing tooth gap closed using a TAD.[/quote]

Mine were included in the fee.[/quote]

That's cool. I paid $100+ for a TAD.

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#27 Post by impec »

[quote="playmaker7206"]Here is my latest progress picture @ 11 months into therapy. I am very close to full occlusion.[/quote]
Hi Playmaker ! Did you have to take out your wisdom teeth? I found one ortho that is willing to use TADS in order to close my 6 mm open bite but he didn't mention taking out my wisdom teeth.

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Re: Open Bite correction with TADs

#28 Post by playmaker7206 »

Let me post some updates to some of the questions... the replies to this forum were going to my spam folder...

I had my braces removed last year, and I still have full retention of my bite and alignment. The selling point that oral surgeons use is that they have a higher retention rate for open bite correction. My theory is that it is impossible to accurately gauge retention of any orthodontic treatment because "compliance" is difficult to measurable. i personally believe the more complaint you are with retainers the more likely you will retain your alignment.

I have a permanent retainer on my top 4 front teeth, and bottom 4 front teeth. in the evenings, I wear an Essix retainer. It looks like an invisalign retainer. It still fits great almost one year after treatment.

The TAD's did not hurt going in or coming out. Just a little bit of pressure as they were being inserted. Some topical numbing gel was applied right before the TAD's were screwed into place. No numbing medicine was used for removal. About 60-90 seconds to be inserted, and 30 seconds for removal. The TAD's were not extra as they were part of my initial treatment plan and quote.

For my wisdom teeth, I had those removed when I was 15 years old.

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