Newbie - So confused and scared

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Newbie - So confused and scared

#1 Post by ruchel »

Hi Everybody!
I wish I could post some pictures - but I'm not a full member yet.

So this is my story - Please help me feel better about orthodontics - I am super scared- I am starting this a bit late in life, I am 26 turning 27 and would like to have the smile I've always wanted :)

I was referred to an orthodontist to help with some crowding/bucktooth/snagle tooth issue that really bothers me plus retained baby tooth - Also I have been a tooth grinder since I first got teeth, I have limited jaw mobility and it clunks and pops out when I open my mouth and I also have some bad gum recession at my back molars..Lots of fun stuff going on in my mouth lol!

So fast forward to getting my treatment plan from my orthodontist... I have two options the suggested/best option per the orthodontist is to remove the retained baby tooth -top upper secondary molar as well as remove the upper right second bicuspid. For the lower teeth the 2 first bicuspids will be extracted...full upper and lower braces x 30months with a surgery to reposition lower jaw forward. The operation will help reduce/or stop the stress in the back of my mouth (That is causing the recession) as well as fix my over bite/jet?

The second option doesn't involve the operation. Option 2 is not suggested because I would be in danger of losing my back molars due to the recession from the bite stress - basically option two, is remove the top two teeth and braces for 30 months and then grind down my teeth to try and have a more even bite. - Plus this option will show off my over bite more b/c my lower teeth have grown out.

Both options involve a gum graph, both are the same length of time.

My main concern isn;t the operation its the extractions and the possibly or ruining my face - my orthodontist didn't even touch on these issues - the only issue re my face is that the procedure will ring more balance to my face and improve my profile - no talk tho risks!

I am going to see a second orthodontist as well as I am going to see my dentist on Thursday to discuss with him what he thinks.

Please help me fell better about my journey - I need to do something as the baby tooth cant be kept forever and my front tooth that protrudes does bother me!

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Re: Newbie - So confused and scared

#2 Post by kathydell »

Hi Ruchel - I always giggle when people in their 20's say they're starting later in life with braces. I got mine at 47! It sounds like you're struggling with a tough decision. My suggestion is to be really clear about establishing your goals. What does success look like to you? And, what does it look like for each of the orthodontists with whom you consult. That will help guide your decision. And, ask the questions you're asking here to both orthodontists and don't settle for not getting an answer. It's a commitment in terms of money and time and you deserve to have your questions answered. Once I was clear about my goals and had my questions answered, it was easy for me to choose a non surgical option that did have extraction of a lower lateral incisor - scary proposition to be toothless in the front for a few months until the gap closed. Everyone is different so make sure you know the pros and cons and decide what's best for you.

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Re: Newbie - So confused and scared

#3 Post by samoorelaw »

Since he recommended surgery, I recommend consulting with an oral surgeon so you can see if the surgeon agrees with your orthodontist's assessment. Both my oral surgeon and orthodontist were on the same page, which is when I realized I could trust both of them. I still recommend you seek a second opinion from an orthodontist (and even a second opinion from an oral surgeon).
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Re: Newbie - So confused and scared

#4 Post by prairiehouse »

Oh cool, I found your thread. If surgery was suggested then I'd go with that (in general). As I mentioned in the other thread, I am also getting a BSSO. My primary concern however is not my teeth.

Is it your teeth or your face that bothers you? Or both? To what degree? Extractions can change your facial appearance, but generally jaw surgery does a better job of that.

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Re: Newbie - So confused and scared

#5 Post by Tobilei »

I think definitely what was mentioned above. Get an opinion from a jaw surgeon (or 2!) and go from there. If they both recommend surgery then it's very likely you really need it, if they don't then perhaps the 2nd option from the ortho is better :)

I know how stressful it can be. I was 34 when I got mine on and like you had a retained baby tooth in the top jaw which was removed before being braced. You're certainly not late in getting started :)

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Re: Newbie - So confused and scared

#6 Post by ruchel »

You guys rock - thanks for the help :)
I go back and forth with feeling excited and then scared - I'm going to take my time and ask around - I feel impatient to get the process started - I cant wait to get rid of my snagle tooth - and to hopefully fix my jaw problems.

@Tobilei - did you have to have an tooth on the other side extracted or just the baby? - I'm glad i'm not the only one that has a retained baby tooth - people seem so suprised when I show them my baby tooth - It cant be that uncommon!

Hey! @Prairiehouse - its my teeth that bother me for sure - my one front tooth sticks out and I'm pretty happy with my face - I do have a recessed chin but my chin compensates so its hard to really tell that it is recessed - I guess that's why I am so worried about the extractions changing my face - cause I like how it is. When are you having your BSSO - how is your decision going to travel to get it done?...That was your story right?

Thanks guys! :)

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