Insignia custom made damon brackets at 40

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Insignia custom made damon brackets at 40

#1 Post by Wheeles498 »

Got both top and bottom braces put on March 6. They are the insignia custom damon system. Also ended up with 3 bumps- 2 on back teeth and 1 on front. I think they are the most annoying part of the process so far. It took 3 hours to put on top and bottoms. I can deal with the soreness and few aches but not being able to completely close my mouth or really chew is awful. I have a deep overbite so they were needed to keep my upper from teeth from hitting my lower brackets. And of course my ortho can't really say how long I will have them. And having issues with clenching my teeth at night and waking up in horrible pain from it. The very back upper brackets are shredding my jaw. I have to keep wax on them 24/7. But at almost 3 weeks into it I'm trying to stay positive and keep the end results in sight. Whenever that may be. Lol! I didn't even realize my ortho never gave me a time frame until the first person ask me how long I would have them on. Guess I'll find out at my first adjustment May 29. Super excited to finally take the leap after so many years of thinking/wanting them.

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Re: Insignia custom made damon brackets at 40

#2 Post by Tobilei »

Congrats on being braced :) That initial getting used to them period is tough but I promise the ulcers and stuff wear off! You still get one or two from time to time but they definitely get a whole lot less often and you have times where you don't have any at all for a few months at a time.

The molar buildups I don't have, but one of my children does and she complains that they make her grind her teeth and also that she can't chew with them. I believe they'll leave them on only as long as they're needed to prevent you chipping your top teeth.

Salt water rinses can help heal any ulcers you currently have and also there's an amazing product here in Australia (not sure about other countries) called Kenalog. It's like putting a chalk paste on your ulcers at bedtime but it really works to help heal them.

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Re: Insignia custom made damon brackets at 40

#3 Post by Sailrgrl »

Congratulations on your braces! Some days I wish I could rip mine off, but I'm happy I made the decision to get them. I got molar build ups the day they put my bottom braces on, and I still have them. The last couple of appointments they were planning to remove them (yay!) but it couldn't be done yet (boo!). I even had to have them built up a bit more after having reverse wires placed on both upper and lower. I agree with you, the build ups are worse than the braces, though I'm quite used to them now. Can't imagine how great it will be to finally chew again using all my teeth!
Damon clear on top placed May 30, 2013. Damon metal on bottom placed September 16, 2013.

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Re: Insignia custom made damon brackets at 40

#4 Post by kids041 »

The molar build-ups are the WORST! I have had mine since day 1 and have had them built up many,many times due to my grinding. :(
I can't wait for them to be gone, and be able to chew with all of my teeth again.
Good luck to you- the time does pass quicker then you think :thumbsup:

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