Eating in braces....

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Re: Eating in braces....

#16 Post by anedia »

I pretty much cut everything up into pieces now.
It's for two reasons - front teeth are pretty sensitive AND I don't like getting food stuck in my front teeth.
You can avoid a lot of stuff getting in there by cutting things into pieces.
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Re: Eating in braces....

#17 Post by caudalie »

Yeah, same goes for me. I've to chop everything to pieces. I just tried biting into a strawberry yesterday.. didn't go too well, haha.

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Re: Eating in braces....

#18 Post by sukibeth »

I'm on month 7 and I think it was around about 5 months in that I even thought about eating anything close to a wrap. Bagels, tacos (oh, how I miss you tacos...), and anything on a roll were pretty much impossible until then. Sad part is, yesterday I got my bottom braces on and I get to start the whole thing over again. So, there is hope!

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Re: Eating in braces....

#19 Post by mollycat »

I'm just 3 days into my second time in braces. I've been surprised by the discomfort caused by trying to bite into a banana and a hard boiled egg. I know those will get better, so I'm still being patient.

I know my memory of my first round is fuzzy (it was about 30 years ago), and braces have changed a bit, but I thought I remembered eating pizza my first day with braces. I remember slightly sore teeth, but not much about eating soft foods for an extended time. I know I was good about avoiding stuff I wasn't supposed to eat (chewing gum, nuts, etc.), but I think I did that to be good to my braces, not because they would have hurt. I'm thinking that my mouth was just more flexible and resilient back then. The rest of me gets sore more easily now, too…


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Re: Eating in braces....

#20 Post by groovyladyliss »

I cut everything up into pieces. At least I look fancier when I eat pizza ;)

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Re: Eating in braces....

#21 Post by Langers00 »

I'm about 1.5 months in and am eating most things normally now. Although I did forget today and tried to bite into my daughters apple she had left discarded. I nearly hit the roof! Lesson learned.

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