First picture post...7week update

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First picture post...7week update

#1 Post by saraapril6907 »

Today marks 7 weeks since I've gotten my upper braces.I have wanted them as long as I can remember but my parents could never afford them. I'm Now 30 years old and my husband gave me the go ahead. Here Is my dreaded day 1 picture and My newly updated 7 week picture. My left lateral incisor Is my funky tooth that I have always hated but finally after all this time it is almost out. At My first adjustment 3 weeks ago my ortho told me it would be months before it would come forward. That didn't work for me so I have been applying extra pressure with My thumb or tongue. :mrgreen:
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Re: First picture post...7week update

#2 Post by mapleleafman888 »

Congrats, and I hope you aren't too anxious to push that lateral forward lol, wouldn't want to damage the root by putting on extra pressure and moving it before it's ready to move. Laterals move quickly as they are the smallest tooth in the upper arch (and mouth besides the 4 lower fronts), it took about 1.5 months for my tiny laterals to move inline (they weren't as far back as yours though). You can see on page 8 of my thread.

Great clear photo's btw. Nice progress for 7 weeks!
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Re: First picture post...7week update

#3 Post by MrsCharisma »

amazing progress!!! ... 13&t=45175

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Re: First picture post...7week update

#4 Post by Lorianne »

wow! super nice progress!

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Re: First picture post...7week update

#5 Post by Fionisimma »

Awesome progress :D

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Re: First picture post...7week update

#6 Post by TheKT »

Great progress for 7 wks

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