Running out of food choices

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Running out of food choices

#1 Post by anienipoot »

I had my first adjustment a few days ago. It didn't hurt as much as I'd expected but then I think I have a high pain tolerance. I just do't want to abuse the painlessness. I want to eat with care but I am running out of food choices. I have soups, oatmeal, bananas, corned beef hash, and rice. This must be an old and used question but what else is there to eat?

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Re: Running out of food choices

#2 Post by Fionisimma »

Eggs, fish, avocados and Greek yoghurt are a few of my "soft food faves" which don't require much painful chewing :)

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Re: Running out of food choices

#3 Post by Chicken »

I have been able to eat anything. At first I just cut up food very small even sandwiches and chewed with molars. It does get a bit tender after an adjustment for a couple of days. I take Advil and manage anything from steaks to apples sliced of course dipped in caramel...yummy.

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Re: Running out of food choices

#4 Post by TMJJill »

Smoothies to get some fruit and veggies in. My Orthodontist recommended them regularly.

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Re: Running out of food choices

#5 Post by CountessDeSangre »

Meatloaf was one of my favorite things I had the day of or the day after an adjustment when things got a little painful. Very filling, very tasty, very soft.

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Re: Running out of food choices

#6 Post by cs2thecox »

Pasta, anything slow cooked like casseroles and stews.
I find Chinese and Japanese food quite good too - if you can pick it up with chopsticks, the bits are probably small enough not to need much chewing! :lol:

But in general, tiny pieces of pretty much anything. Apart from crunchy salad - that HURTS after adjustments!

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Re: Running out of food choices

#7 Post by SunshineRay »

I was able to eat anything also. Just cut up into small pieces or tear it.

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Re: Running out of food choices

#8 Post by sirwired »

I don't think braces pain is like abusing a strained (but not actively painful) muscle... if something isn't hurting while you are eating it, it's not going to hurt later.

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Re: Running out of food choices

#9 Post by kimbot »

Scrambled eggs are my fave on adjustment days. I made a lot of stews or bean/chickpea dishes, or steamed veggies once things are a bit less tender. Salmon has also been super easy to eat!

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Re: Running out of food choices

#10 Post by mcb012 »

I've been doing pasta, mashed potatoes, smoothies and rice... as well as other things previously mentioned. I can even manage soft tacos or a burger if i cut it up into small enough pieces. Although I will admit that my back molars on the bottom (4 teeth total) don't have the arch wire connected to the brackets yet. My top back molars (2 teeth) don't even have brackets on them. So those 6 teeth are pretty pain free for now.

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Re: Running out of food choices

#11 Post by anienipoot »

Wow! Thank you for all your replies! By the way, I tried making crepes this morning and they're pretty easy to make and easy to eat. Makes for a good "vessel" for anything more filling like refried beans and such. It looked weird at first but anything to not make me hungry, I guess I'll try.

Everyone's been so helpful. Thank you again!

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