Debonding in five weeks!

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Debonding in five weeks!

#1 Post by sirwired »

After a little over two years (got them on 12/23/11), and jaw surgery (2-piece LeFort I) in September, I'll be getting these &#^&^@! things off my teeth five weeks from now. I'm very excited! The surgery has been a complete success and after a couple months of elastics to re-train my jaw muscles I now have a bite that feels perfect.

The ortho really wants me to get a bonded lower, but since he's going to give me a lower Hawley either way, I think I'll stick with just that. I expect I'll be in at least nightly retainers for the rest of my life, so I figure if I'm going to wear an upper Hawley every night, I might as well wear a lower Hawley too. I'm kind of annoyed that he's pushing so much for the bonded lower, as I think he suggests it for most of his patients, but doesn't include it in the initial treatment price.

I think I'm going to take the day off, go to my appt. in the AM, eat a huge apple whole, have lunch somewhere that serves corn on the cob, and then go see an afternoon movie and consume an entire tub of popcorn. I will come home and start drinking hot tea.

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#2 Post by kathydell »

Congratulations sirwired! You must be very excited. I was just thinking this morning how much I really missed chonking on a big juicy apple this year and how I'm looking forward to having one next fall.

ceramic mouth
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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#3 Post by ceramic mouth »

I am genuinly happy for you. congrats! hope you have a joyous beautiful smile.. from the inside out.

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#4 Post by rhibee83 »

wow congrats!! that is great news :)

haha I know, I cannot wait for my after braces meal! heaps of corn chips, pretzels, hard crackers, apples, and to bite into a big juicy burger! bring it on lol :)

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#5 Post by TMJJill »

Congratulations Sirwired!!! I'm very excited for you.

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#6 Post by Nana51 »

How exciting for you and how funny ... Your food plans! I could go for the popcorn myself but have another 30 months or so to wait. Good things come to those who wait, right?

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#7 Post by Matilda »

Congratulations, sirwired.

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#8 Post by jem »

Congratulations Sirwired!

I also dreamt of biting into whole apples again and have enjoyed doing so almost every day since being debraced.

I have both bonded and removable retainers. My ortho says she provides bonded in addition to removable in cases where she thinks there is a good risk of relapse.I am quite happy with my bonded retainer particularly as it means I am only required to wear the removable one 12/7 rather than 24/7.

I understand that lower front teeth are particularly prone to crowding throughout adulthood, whether or not you have had braces, so it is worth giving some serious consideration to having a bonded as well as removable retainer.

I look forward to seeing your pics when you have finished.

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. Brace removed on 22 July 2013 after 18 months and 19 days
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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#9 Post by Anna5 »

Congratulations, sirwired! I am so happy that your long journey is coming to an end soon with a great result!

However, I hope you stay on this forum, we don't want to miss you here!

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#10 Post by BracesB4Thirty »

Oh how exciting, congratulations. Where has 2 years gone :D



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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#11 Post by Siobhan »

Ditto, Anna. Always appreciate your posts and hope you stay on this forum. Congratulations on the deband date.

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#12 Post by Cdp95 »

Congrats! As Anna says, I hope upi don't disappear off here, you always give such brill help and advice! Be sure to post some debraced pics :D

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#13 Post by Lorianne »

so nice!!! hey, while you're at it, have a nice gooey caramel candy for me! Can't wait to see final pics!

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Re: Debonding in five weeks!

#14 Post by Bikerchick85 »

Congrats Sirwired!! I do hope you stick around after your debanding... I'll miss your words of wisdom if you leave us!! I was told at my last appointment I should be finished up around summer time. My goal is around June which will 18 months instead of 24.
I still eat popcorn (my biggest weakness!) but I really miss APPLES! Oh my I cannot wait to eat a whole one!


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