Why ceramic on top and metal on bottom?

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Why ceramic on top and metal on bottom?

#1 Post by librarianlk »

Hi, I've got my consultation with the orthodontist in a couple of days. It seems like most people who get ceramics end up with metal on the bottom. What is the most common reason for that? Is it because the bottom teeth are less noticeable, so metal won't make much of an appearance issue if they're used there, or is there a different reason those typically are used on the bottom? Thanks for any info you all have out there!

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Re: Why ceramic on top and metal on bottom?

#2 Post by NeilH »

Hi, I understand some ceramic brackets are harder than enamel so there is a greater risk of chipping your teeth than on metal brackets which, strange as it may seem, are not as hard and less likely to cause unwanted damage. Maybe worth discussing the options with your orthodontist as I'm sure it would be possible to use bite turbo's or molar buildups to stop your top teeth hitting your lower brackets if you choose ceramic.

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Re: Why ceramic on top and metal on bottom?

#3 Post by chichi »

I was offered all ceramic (extra cost, obviously), but I chose ceramic on top and metal on bottom because my lower teeth are generally less visible and therefore it wasn't worth it to me to spend more money on lower ceramics.
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Re: Why ceramic on top and metal on bottom?

#4 Post by Ciara »

I have ceramic on the top and bottom. My ortho shaved down the bottom brackets to prevent chipping my upper teeth.

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Re: Why ceramic on top and metal on bottom?

#5 Post by WiredOldLady »

I have ceramic on top and metal on the bottom...mostly because when I smile you don't see my bottom teeth. If I had to do it over, I'd do metal on top and bottom but its too late now.
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Re: Why ceramic on top and metal on bottom?

#6 Post by fudge911 »

I was also offered ceramics at my consultation and the lady said that having ceramics on the bottom would mean that the top arch may hit the bottom arch since ceramics are bigger than normal metal braces. Currently I have all metal though, didn't want to pay extra for ceramics considering people could still see it.

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Re: Why ceramic on top and metal on bottom?

#7 Post by MrsCharisma »

My ortho is one that won't put ceramics on the lower teeth, due to the potential of damaging the upper teeth.

I have ceramic on top on all except for my molars, my ortho did not charge me extra.

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