Powerchain on top front teeth?

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Powerchain on top front teeth?

#1 Post by SunshineRay »

Have you had one? If so, how long was it on? I got one yesterday and I feel like it has a spotlight on it.....drawing so much attention to it. Just as I was getting semi comfy with the braces and now its like BAM! I feel the pressure, the gap wasnt that big to start with and I can honestly notice a difference already. Just curious on how others treatment went.

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Re: Powerchain on top front teeth?

#2 Post by jem »

Hi Sunshine Ray,

I had a powerchain to close a gap ( created by IPR) between my two front teeth. The gap was closed within 48 hours, but I kept the powerchain for the 6 weeks up to my next appointment. That left me with a gap between my right lateral and central when I needed space on the other side, so my ortho then placed a powerchain on both central teeth and my right lateral for the next 6 weeks, which moved the gap over to the left where it was needed to help slot my left lateral back into line. My ortho then put a holding wire ( other people call it " lacing") onto the same 3 teeth to stop any gaps opening up between them. I kept that wire for the next 7 months or so until it disintegrated.

I felt quite strong pressure from each powerchain for the first couple of days, but they were ok after that. They were both clear elastic and virtually invisible and I took care to avoid eating or drinking anything which might stain them, although I did have a curry a couple of days before my ortho appointment and the chain looked gross.

Good luck with your powerchain; it is just another part of the orthodontic process which you will soon get accustomed to.

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Re: Powerchain on top front teeth?

#3 Post by nellarmonia »

What color do you have? I've had a powerchain on my entire top arch for the past 4 months (changed 3 times). It's smoke colored and I think it's more invisible than the smoke ligs. It does stain A LOT easier though. I everything messy with a fork and shove it to the back until the last week before an adjustment.

Good luck with your powerchain! Pressure just means it's working right? :D

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Re: Powerchain on top front teeth?

#4 Post by JohnsonSon »

As my top teeth were pulling out some gaps started to form around my 6/7's and my first molars.

So for the past 3-4 months or so, I don't remember exactly, I've had powerchains on top. I don't feel it all. I do notice my teeth getting tighter when I floss though, so maybe it will come off soon, who knows.

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Re: Powerchain on top front teeth?

#5 Post by TMJJill »

I'd say that the length of time in powerchains really does vary from person to person.

I had them through much of my treatment. After those early days when there is a ton of movement with them, they do get much more comfortable.

I wasn't actually given a choice of color for my first series of chains. They just automatically gave me clear. The clear does get a bet discolored over time, but it was never too bad. I actually wanted to have fun with my chains. I had to ask for colors. I loved the navy ones. For me, pink not so much.

I can't remember exactly, but I think my top power chains were about 11 months of my treatment... on and off. The bottoms were just for a few months.

The thing I most disliked about the powerchains was the flossing. Flossing with the braces is tough enough. Working around the powerchains was just a pain.

Hang in there. :-1 The pain will get better. Try to have fun with the chains. You notice them much more than anyone else, just keep that in mind.

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Re: Powerchain on top front teeth?

#6 Post by fudge911 »

Currently have two powerchains on each arch to close my extraction gaps. I've only had them on for about 2 weeks and already I see a massive improvement in the closure of the gaps, especially the top arch. It's incredible. The first couple of days were a pain, literally, but as of now, they haven't been much of an issue.

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