Newbie on board!

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Re: Newbie on board!

#16 Post by SunshineRay »

Hi and welcome! Time really does fly. I am at almost 8 months and it feels like I was just debating on if I should really do it or not.

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Re: Newbie on board!

#17 Post by DaisySmith »

Hi, I'm new too. Four days in although I feel I am cheating slightly as I have six months braces although trust me, the pain is still the same! I'd love to know how you're getting on?

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Re: Newbie on board!

#18 Post by skaterpdx »

I am a week in and really have cut back on the grazing because I don't want to clean my braces, again...

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Re: Newbie on board!

#19 Post by debinator »


I still feel like a newbie and I am getting debraced on february 25th. I was originally told that my treatment would take 16-18 months- I am at 10 months uppers and 7 months lowers and ready to be debraced! Ortho said the change in time was partially due to how compliant I was. I brush after every meal, floss regularly, use the brush pics, water pic twice daily and get my teeth cleaned every 3 months. (I have had past periodontal issues and am on an every 3 month cleaning schedule anyway).

Good luck to you! Use lots of wax BEFORE you get too sore. If you wait till it hurts you will be miserable. At the first sign of rubbing discomfort apply wax-it could turn out to be your best friend for the duration of your braces!
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Re: Newbie on board!

#20 Post by Shiry »

Hello I am a newbie also! Glad to meet you!

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Re: Newbie on board!

#21 Post by DaisySmith »

Great advice debinator, you must be so excited at the prospect of such an early release! Good for you. I'm sure if people knew just how much impact such a rigorous cleaning routine might have for an early debracing they'd be really enthusiastic about it!

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Re: Newbie on board!

#22 Post by breysanchez »

I am new as well, 5 days with Damon braces and looking forward to this journey. I've had my share of shredding inside my cheeks and lips sucked to my braces lol but I've since became best friends with wax and good old H20 to curb those effects.

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Re: Newbie on board!

#23 Post by ilovedexter »

I'm new too. Still going through the painful stage but I'm very optimistic. I've waited most of my life for this so I will endure with a closed, mouth smile, haha.

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