I swallowed a mini screw TAD!!!

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I swallowed a mini screw TAD!!!

#1 Post by rawr101 »

Ok I've had my tads in for awhile and they have finished their job. My ortho is keeping them in just in case. I have 8...2 are in my upper palate 1 came out a few weeks ago and I just swallowed another..what should I do? Because the first one came out I see how sharp they are. Had anyone done this..it's about half the size of my fingernail

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Re: I swallowed a mini screw TAD!!!

#2 Post by sirwired »

Call your ortho right now. If his office gives an after-hours number, call it.

Personally (as a layman, so this is NOT medical advice), I think you'll be fine. The body moves "stuff" along via peristalsis, which is unlikely to "turn" the screw so the pointy part is scraping along tender GI-tract bits. Obviously if you start to feel GI tract pain, go to the ER right away.

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Re: I swallowed a mini screw TAD!!!

#3 Post by newmouth »

Hope it all ok

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Re: I swallowed a mini screw TAD!!!

#4 Post by TMJJill »

I agree. It is worth a call to your dentist.

It isn't the same, but I managed to swallow 3 brackets during the course of my treatment. I was worried about the hooks on them as they went down. My dentist wasn't worried though. I never had any problems with them. Hopefully your mini screw is similar.

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Re: I swallowed a mini screw TAD!!!

#5 Post by SunshineRay »

Is it bad that I'm excited that you swallowed a screw? lol If you read my past posts I have had a horrible time with TAD's and feel like its just me. Ive had mine put in 3-4 times and swallowed one screw so far. My ortho has never had anyone even have one come out. He did tell me that if I had any stomach problems to go to the ER/dr to get an xray. I didnt have any problems. I do touch them all the time with my tongue to make sure they are still there. I feel like thats going to cause me to loosen them. ugh these things are a pain!

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