Have any of you purchased orthodontic wire cutters?

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Have any of you purchased orthodontic wire cutters?

#1 Post by Woobster »

I am in Damons, and am having a heck of a time with my top archwire.

I've had to gone back in four times over the last two months to have the top left back end of the wire clipped because it's digging into my cheek. The wire is fine when I leave from an adjustment, but soon after, that end gets longer (I assume due to tooth movement) and starts causing trouble.

I know this can happen, but my ortho is a 45 minute drive away, and in some cases (like them being closed this week), it's not easy to get to their office. I am seriously considering buying a pair of orthodontic wore cutters to trim the wire myself.

Has anyone done this??

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Re: Have any of you purchased orthodontic wire cutters?

#2 Post by TMJJill »

I had a lot of troubles with this happening during my first year of treatment. I'd get tons of pokey wires after teeth shifted or the wire would pop out of the back brackets. It was at least 45 minutes each way from my Orthodontist, if traffic was good.

Most of the time, I just waxed up or called my Orthodontist. I actually ended up just scrubbing down some wire cutters from my tool box a couple times. They did the work until my next appointment. At least the wire wasn't digging holes in my cheek when I took care of it. Ortho ones would probably been more delicate though.

One question, is it just that the teeth are moving and the wire is poking or could your wire be sliding to the side a bit. I had tons of trouble with that too. If you thank that may be happening, there are tubes on the archwire that can be clamped down to keep the wire from moving on you.

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Re: Have any of you purchased orthodontic wire cutters?

#3 Post by sirwired »

Make sure your ortho is putting a clip somewhere along the wire to keep it from shifting left or right.

Beyond that, yeah, I'd go ahead and buy a pair. You can get them from Amazon for cheap. They'll work easier and safer than a pair of Craftsman out of your toolbox.

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Re: Have any of you purchased orthodontic wire cutters?

#4 Post by emilyvonstroodle »

When I had fixed braces I remember the top wire cutting in to the inside of my mouth something horrid. I ended up filing it down with a nail file - not conventional I know, but it did the trick. Hope you're pain free soon!!

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