Room for negotiation with Orthos?

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Room for negotiation with Orthos?

#1 Post by modogg »

Curious if anyone has successfully negotiated the cost of the initial quote by the Ortho they used?

I finally found a place I would consider going with, but the quote was $7999, plus $1400 for an Acceledent, plus whatever 4 extractions will cost me. So almost 10k total!

It seemed a little car salesman-ish they way they presented the quote and everything, so I wonder if people ever successfully bargain it down a little.

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Re: Room for negotiation with Orthos?

#2 Post by catwanabee »

Easier to bargain if you have 2-3 different quotes from other orthos =]
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Re: Room for negotiation with Orthos?

#3 Post by djspeece »

I'd recommend that you negotiate, but have some legitimate reasons why you would like the price lowered -- I don't think it is very effective to simply say "It is a big number" because they will counter with a long list of potential benefits to include intangibles like increased self esteem, confidence, and so forth. Like cat mentioned, additional quotes from other orthos might be helpful, just be sure you are comparing apples to apples in all fairness. Your estimate is about what I would expect to pay around here in the Washington DC (USA) area for the work you describe.
My ortho was very straight-forward, no real selling. I initially decided against braces at my age (63) and in fact it was my general dentist (they are in the same practice) who convinced me that braces would be a better option over an implant, and provided some very compelling logic that carried the day for the braces.

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Re: Room for negotiation with Orthos?

#4 Post by Lexana »

If you go in and offer to pay straight cash, they will lower the cost. I got my Ortho treatment reduced by like $1,500 by paying straight cash in installments (no interest, $160/mo. or visit). Insurance is a betch to deal with and they reimburse less to the dentist so it's easier for them to deal straight with the customer. I also found my Acceldent second-hand and paid less than half the cost. It was the only way I was going to be able to afford braces, and I really wanted to start fixing my smile asap! (Lots of weddings coming up, plus don't want to be 30 with braces ... ). Despite the low cost, my Ortho has been amazing (very efficient), and I have been very impressed with the Acceledent. Have only 2 months (approx.) left of my treatment, and looking to sell my Acceledent if anyone is interested. Can answer any Q's if you have them!

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Re: Room for negotiation with Orthos?

#5 Post by oldfart »

I also found out the more kids you have, the they are willing to bargain. I went in for myself, got the original estimate. Talked about my kids treatments and left. Had a phone call offering me $500 off when I got home. Then got another $500 off due to my kids treatments, and got like 3-4% off by paying cash up front. For three of us it ended up being like $10,200, so told them I had a $10k limit, and they dropped the other $200.

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