2nd adjustment...oyyyyyy

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Re: 2nd adjustment...oyyyyyy

#16 Post by djspeece »

Siobhan wrote:Yes to booze! The best thing about having braces as an adult.

WiredOldLady, I have an 18 month sentence. I think this may be optimistic as there's an impacted canine to deal with. I hope your sentence is closer to 15.

I think orthos should hand out goodie bags like my general dentist does after a cleaning, but instead of a toothbrush and toothpaste put in one of those mini-bottles of a good single malt scotch. :gavel:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. -- Buddist saying

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Re: 2nd adjustment...oyyyyyy

#17 Post by Nana51 »

My second adjustment was today. I think I have crochet work on my top wire! :)
During adjustment, the tech had difficulty getting a couple of brackets closed on the bottom. There was lots of pushing and prying. It didn't hurt at the time but by now, wow... Feels like my teeth are clinched and I can't relax. More Tylenol ahead before bed. Maybe then I can relax and rest and this will soon pass. I'm four months in now and few complaints. Next adjustment is not until 1/27.

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Re: 2nd adjustment...oyyyyyy

#18 Post by WiredOldLady »

Molar bands are of the devil. I was hoping that my mouth would get "used" to it...but...no luck. It feels like its pinching the gum behind the tooth. I HATE it! Would something like orajel help or should I call the ortho and see if he can shift things around to stop that feeling? It doesn't really 'hurt' but its uncomfortable.
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