When does it get better?!

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When does it get better?!

#1 Post by burtburgerac »

Hi All! I've had my brace on for two weeks now (top 2 weeks, bottom 1) and i thought I was finally used to it and all the rubbing in my mouth had settled down....until last night. I went to a party last night where I spent most of the evening chatting and by the end of the night my mouth was so sore and still is this morning. Does that ever stop happening or will i have to ration my chatting for the length of my treatment??!

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Re: When does it get better?!

#2 Post by ALFuser »


What type of brace do you have? I have ALFs, and also experienced a lot of rubbing, until I discovered the wonders of dental wax! :wink: It felt a bit odd at first, but now I've become used to it, and it really, really helps. I do also find that the rubbing comes and goes though - it can be worse just before an adjustment, presumably because my teeth and/or jaw have moved, so things are rubbing new places........

I hope this helps!

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Re: When does it get better?!

#3 Post by MrsCharisma »

Agree that it's off and on. A few days ago my teeth were so sore I couldn't chew...then 2 days later - they were fine.

I do notice though that if I spend too much time talking and eating (when I'm visiting my parents or good friends who live out of town) - YOWZA! It hurts.

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Re: When does it get better?!

#4 Post by djspeece »

Your cheeks should toughen up in about a 2-3 week period of time. Soreness due to shifting teeth continues intermittently for me, most often after a visit to the ortho or after eating some prohibited food. Best of luck to you.

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Re: When does it get better?!

#5 Post by kids041 »

I have had my braces for almost 4 months, and I can tell you that most of the time they don't bother me. BUT there are days.... OH MY... my cheeks get raw, my lips get stuck on the brackets, and all I can feel are the braces....
Chin up tho... that is mostly a rare thing... most days it is totally fine, and I hardly notice them.
+\+ just give it time.

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Re: When does it get better?!

#6 Post by kristianpaige »

I've only had mine for two weeks now and the pain and discomfort are pretty much non existent at this point however i do not talk much so i guess that could be a factor? However its true, everyone is different.

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Re: When does it get better?!

#7 Post by Timetoshine »

Urgh - I know what you mean - I am a Primary School teacher so can't get through the day without a LOT of talking! I used a lot of wax, before it got sore, and would use wax on my teeth every night, even if they weren't sore to give my gums and cheeks a break.
I think I am about 8 months in (have a look at my ticker below as I can't see it yet!) and I have no issues like that anymore... sometimes a little tender when I have been to se ortho, but nothing major. When they were sore it felt like it was going to go on fore ever...but it doesn't!
Its all worth it :)

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Re: When does it get better?!

#8 Post by xanidu2012 »

It gets better. After I was braced I toughened up about 2 weeks in. You may find that after adjustments and with teeth shifting it will happen. My suggestion as everyone else is: dental wax, dental wax and more dental wax :lol: it truly works. Best to you on your brace journey. Keep us posted.
Keep grinning :BigGrin:

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Re: When does it get better?!

#9 Post by KevalP »

Yes that is the norm. Rinse with hot salty water and make sure you cover the sharp-ish bits with wax

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Re: When does it get better?!

#10 Post by chloespeaks »

It probably depends on the treatment - everyone experiences it differently depending on what needs to be done on them!

My first two months there was some poking and rubbing and getting used to it, but in my case, in the third month, :shock: my dentist has put stops on the back of my upper incisors so my upper and lower teeth do not fully close (i.e.. NO BITING), so my inability to CHEW is really awful, and will last about 6 more months. This is so my top and bottom can be adjusted at different program.

There is a ton to do to stop all the poking and rubbing, but that part will get better! One more thing I haven't noticed anyone commented on is using Dental Orthodontic Lip Guard Covers - they are heat moldable with boiling hot water (avialble on amazon) and once they are set, you can snap them on and off, no shaping needed. I use these for sleeping in - my inner cheeks get rubbed and dented much worse at night, but days are pretty much bearable without, except when I talk too much or eat too fast (sigh, it's hard to be with non braces fast eating family).


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Re: When does it get better?!

#11 Post by ajs604 »

I had really sore teeth for about 3 weeks after being braced, everyone is different though. I had an adjustment yesterday and today am very sore whereas on other adjustments I felt none or little pain. Wearing braces is really a rollercoaster but rest asure you will get used to it. Once your mouth gets used to the hardware things generally settle down. Gives yourself 3-4 weeks and take OTC pain relief if needed, it will get better.
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