mouth breathing

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mouth breathing

#1 Post by Anna5 »


I am a habitual mouth breather and have a crossbite, narrow upper jaw and open bite. I thought maybe there is a relation between my bite issues and the mouth breathing? Or maybe it is just a bad habit?

Any of you who also usually breathe throught the mouth? Did you do anything against this or do you think it is ok, nothing to worry about too much.

And how about relapse? Is it true that the orthodontic results more easily relapse with mouth breathing?

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Re: mouth breathing

#2 Post by WiredOldLady »

I am a mouth breather. I have an overbite, but that's it. I would think that as long as you wear your retainers like you're supposed to, relapse wouldn't be a big deal.
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Re: mouth breathing

#3 Post by kpw818 »


I have a lot of trouble breathing through my nose. I'm not sure if my bite issues came first or second. I have a midface/maxilla deficiency, so I believe that plays a role (and braces+expander+upper jaw surgery will revise). I know other people who have finished the surgery said they can breathe better. I would say the narrow upper does contribute, as it can constrict nasal passages.

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Re: mouth breathing

#4 Post by sirwired »

Mouth breathing is well-known to cause development issues with the palate, and then your nasal passages and palate kind of get in a feeedback loop, as the narrower palate causes more mouth breathing. But as a fully-grown adult, this isn't a problem any more.

I will say that getting the "roto-rooter" surgery done to my septum helped out my breathing, and my transverse LeFort I helped out even more.

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Re: mouth breathing

#5 Post by Anna5 »

Thanks for your replies. I think I will raise my concerns with my ortho next time I go in.

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Re: mouth breathing

#6 Post by mmkay »

Anna5 wrote:And how about relapse? Is it true that the orthodontic results more easily relapse with mouth breathing?
I breathe through my mouth sometimes at night. I was advised breathing through my mouth at night increases the risk of relapse of open bite.

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Re: mouth breathing

#7 Post by lostinspace »

Do you find you have to strain your lips to close your mouth? If so, you have what is called lip incompetence. Generally this causes you to breathe through your mouth most of the time since your lips are rarely closed unless you force them. It's probably related to your open bite issue.

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Re: mouth breathing

#8 Post by Anna5 »

I think I have that too! I will defnitely adress this issue with my ortho as well.

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Re: mouth breathing

#9 Post by kittenpoint »

My dentist gave me a poker chip and told me to balance it between my lips, not biting down on it with my teeth just holding it in place with my lips, to train myself to keep my mouth closed so that I would stop mouth breathing. I don't know if mouth breathing will affect your ortho work but it can cause dry mouth and lead to a higher rate of cavities.

It takes a couple of months but I don't have problems with keeping my mouth closed anymore.

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Re: mouth breathing

#10 Post by dono »

Thanks for the tip. I will try that out.

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