Fixed and removable retainer- are both necessary?

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Fixed and removable retainer- are both necessary?

#1 Post by braceykay87 »

I had my six month smile braces removed from my top teeth at the end of August (bottom due to come off next month!) and I have a fixed retainer plus wear a removable retainer at night. I have started to have issues with my top gums bleeding, especially when I take my removable retainer out in the morning. Is this the sign of a problem or just my teeth 'settling'? Has anyone else had issues with their retainers? Is it necessary to wear both as I have read different things?

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Re: Fixed and removable retainer- are both necessary?

#2 Post by DrJasonKTam »

Totally depends on what the retainers are supposed to be doing. There is no one-fix for retention. Depending on how your teeth started off, and the movements that were made, it is possible that you require both.

The upper fixed retainer holds those front teeth in place, but were your back teeth moved at all? If they were, then you'll need something holding those teeth to prevent them from moving.

Doesn't sound right that your gums are bleeding. I would go and see your doctor to discuss this. Good luck!
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Re: Fixed and removable retainer- are both necessary?

#3 Post by Cadet »

I got the same.
My ortho said that ideally I should have the Essix retainers 8 hours a day.
I sleep with them, they give me a pathetic lisp btw, but there is no bleeding.
There is SOME discomfort and a little bit of pain but nothing that is the slightest bit unbearable.

I think you should consult the ortho that your gums start bleeding..

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